yuko leave-in conditioner $24

WHICH hair care product smells great and looks after your hair? Yuko’s leave-in conditioner of course!

What is it?
Yuko is a company which was established in 1993, and is best known for its straightening process that straightens hair without damage.

Its official website states that this product is a: “special heat-activated leave-in conditioner that utilizes a unique blend of natural plant oils for detangling and deeply revitalizing the hair while heat styling further enhances the effects of the oils.”

Why did you buy it?
It was free in a goody bag. It is available from the Yuko website for $24.00. You can buy it here.

How do you use it?
After I have washed my hair, I towel dry it and spray my hair with the conditioner. I then comb my hair through. I tested it for a week to see the effects and in order to give it a ‘proper’ review.

I have to say that because I hardly straighten my hair, I cannot really give this product a true rating in relation to Yuko’s famous ‘straightening process’. However, this conditioner has made my hair soft and shiny, and even though I have used it everyday for the past month, there is still so much of it left in the bottle. In fact, I am only a quarter way through! The conditioner itself also smells so nice – it took me a while to realise but it reminds me of Refreshers – which if you’re a sweet tooth like me, it is always a bonus! I would definitely recommend this product, as even though I don’t straighten my hair, it does work wonders!

My rating (out of five):

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