Why Canada’s new anti-terrorism legislation is an embarrassing misstep

On Monday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau signed a bill that critics say puts Canadian law in direct conflict with international treaties and international law.

In the process, it violates Canadian commitments under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and the Convention Against Torture.

It is also a potentially unconstitutional step.

The law, passed on the last day of the first session of the House of Commons, gives the Canadian Security Intelligence Service the authority to conduct surveillance of foreign citizens abroad and may allow the CSIS to detain Canadians for as long as five years.

As of Tuesday, the CSIC had conducted around 40 surveillance operations against individuals suspected of ties to al-Qaeda, including a raid on the home of Anwar al-Awlaki, a former U.S. citizen who was killed in Yemen in 2011.

While Canada has never publicly acknowledged the existence of the surveillance program, the law gives CSIS the right to conduct targeted surveillance of Canadians and foreigners in the country and to share its results with other countries.

In addition to the surveillance, CSIS has a number of powers to conduct other surveillance activities, including surveillance of mosques and the like, or other organizations, that it has been permitted to conduct for years.

Canada has a long history of allowing CSIS and the Canadian military to conduct mass surveillance, and the new law will likely lead to more of that activity in the future.

For years, the Canadian government has denied that CSIS had a role in mass surveillance.

However, in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, Canada’s National Security Council and the Minister of National Defence began to publicly acknowledge that CSIC was conducting mass surveillance in order to track and disrupt the al-Qaida network and to investigate possible terrorist threats.

CSIS’s role in the surveillance of American citizens, and its relationship to the Department of Defense and the Department and the Attorney General, have been central to the debate over the constitutionality of the new bill.

The Canadian government initially argued that it was necessary to counter the threat posed by al-Qa’ida, but the U.K. government, which has a different perspective on the war on terror, argued that Canada had a right to target U.k. citizens as part of its counter-terrorism efforts.

Canada argues that the law violates international law and that it is necessary to protect Canada from being “caught in the crossfire” by the U,K.

The bill also includes provisions that could be interpreted to allow CSIS spying on Canadians without a warrant.

Under Section 7 of the law, the intelligence services have a broad power to intercept electronic communications.

According to a statement by Canada’s Information Commissioner, “Section 7 permits the interception of all electronic communications, including communications between persons, even those that do not involve actual or potential terrorism or espionage.”

Under Section 10 of the bill, the government can order a telecommunications provider to hand over the content of all telecommunications, including phone calls and Internet communications.

While there are various limitations on how much information can be intercepted, the powers under Section 10 allow CSIC to search for “any information, data, software, or material, of any kind,” without a court order.

The new bill is also designed to create a new national intelligence agency, the National Security Intelligence Review Committee (NSIRC), which will be responsible for overseeing the CSISC.

It also includes a number other provisions that have drawn criticism from civil liberties advocates.

The legislation includes a provision that would allow CSIRs to obtain private information about Canadian citizens, including their internet searches, phone calls, emails, and other information.

The proposal also contains provisions that allow CSIP to spy on Canadians, including data collected through data mining, the creation of profiles based on a person’s online activities, and access to social media profiles.

The U.N. Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (UNWGAD) has been working for years to draft guidelines to ensure the rights of Canadians under international law are respected.

But as of Tuesday afternoon, the bill had not yet been passed by the House.

The UNWG has criticized the bill’s broad powers to spy without a judge’s order, calling it a “dangerous” infringement on Canadians’ privacy.

“In order to conduct the surveillance or intercept the communication, the spy agency must have the legal authority to do so and have obtained a warrant, or a court ruling, that permits the action,” the UNWgAD said in a statement.

“The law gives the CSIR the power to conduct a broad surveillance program in Canada, but it is unclear what exactly that surveillance program will involve and what safeguards are in place to prevent violations of Canadian privacy rights.”

In a statement, the NDP said it was “disappointed” with the government’s handling of the issue.

“As we know, the Government has repeatedly rejected calls for reform, including the passage of the Bill C-51.

We will continue to push for the government to follow the law and not waste

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