Here is quick post about some of the things I got up to yesterday. Enjoy!

Yesterday was the Great Student Lock In – an event where thousands of students come together to get freebies and exclusive discount in stores.  Unfortunately for me, I missed out as I was working at one of the stores at the Lock In; Republic. All of the staff had to wear plain black, this is what I wore:

Tunic – Topshop

High-waisted denim shorts (peeking underneath the tunic) – Primark

Tights – Henry Holland

‘Love’ ring – River Island

‘Armour’ ring – Primark

Republic was absolutely rammed (it’s such a tiny store), but we managed, and even got the sale stock out in preparation for today’s sale!

Also, yesterday I signed up for a Topshop card – although to be honest, I just signed up for the £15 worth of free Topshop makeup! I put £1 on the card, which I can easily pay off, but I think I won’t use the card (as I’d rather pay for things in cash or by debit card), I don’t want to be any more debt-riddled than I need to be!

Here is what I received, including a shopper bag I got from Republic:


– Face wipes, Nail varnish remover, eye liner, some nail polish and a shopper bag.

In other news, it was mine and Ali’s six month anniversary yesterday. Due to the fact we were both busy; we had a very low-key takeaway and just went to bed! How very romantic!

Ali was very kind to get me some beautiful flowers, a Lindt chocolate teddy bear and some Milk Tray chocolates!


That’s all for today as work have called me in, fun times! There will be a fashion-focused feature this week, I promise!

Here is a little feature on the Town Hall catwalk show I attended, as part of fashion event; Style Birmingham last week. Click on the links if you want to read Style Birmingham part one and part two!

The Town Hall fashion show was in so many ways very different to the Bullring show. For example in this spectacular show, the models showcased their acting and interpretative dancing skills, which was very surprising for visitors!

They also set the scene for all nine collections very well – I was particularly impressed with the ‘Shades of Autumn’ scene, where the models danced whilst striking some very strong poses at the same time!

I loved the ‘New Native’ scene, particularly because of the folky/tribal prints and the fact that you can incorporate this trend into your look so easily. If you’re a Topshop girl, make sure you bag this beaded collar necklace, chiffon playsuit or these über cool tribal earrings to spice up your wardrobe! Or if you want to be a fierce warrior but you’re on a budget, try New Look’s fringe t-shirt for £14.99 (there is currently 20% discount for students both online and instore!) or this quirky Aztec print hat to achieve the ‘New Native’ look!

The ‘Shades of Autumn’ scene basically summed up the staple colours you need in your wardrobe for Autumn/Winter 2011. Think neutrals such as cream (as seen on the model below) and brown, or if you want your staple piece to ‘pop’, include an orange or green palette into your closet. Accessorise with faux fur Cossacks such as this one from New Look, for a cheap £8.99 to complete your outfit.

I loved, loved, loved this scene! ‘Future Avatars’ was all about metallics, from short sequin dresses, to sparkly jumpers clashed with distressed jeans (as seen in the image below), to even sequin hoodies!  By adding just one metallic piece to your outfit, you will instantly be on trend! Republic, Urban Outfitters and Jaeger all have knitted jumpers which you must have this Autumn/Winter! If you don’t fancy metallic clothing, try some accessories – I especially love the headpiece that the model below is wearing!). Head to H&M for this funky metal chain necklace or try River Island for some glamorous metallic bags. One bag which caught my eye was this silver fringed one for a whopping £150! If you’re like me and live on a budget, try this grey studded purse for only £17.

When I saw that ‘Vintage Glamour’ would grace down the Birmingham catwalk, I didn’t really know what I would make of it. I mean vintage does play an important part in fashion and in today’s world; there are many more ‘vintage’ stores than there were in the last 10 years or so. So how can something which is so easily accessible (just by looking in your mum’s wardrobe) be a trend?

Well, despite my initial questions, I believe that ‘Vintage Glamour’ did justice for the vintage world. The looks were reminiscent of 1920s to 1940s glamour, which I think is what the scene was all about. Take inspiration from intricate dresses worn on celebrities such as Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively and style icon Mary-Kate Olsen. The colour palette for this trend was mainly taupe, white, black, grey and gold – some of the colours I’m sure will be in every girl’s wardrobe!

The final scene was ‘Dark Side’ and the outfits were basically all black. Think the Addams family but with more ‘style’. Despite the one block colour, the models pulled off these looks perfectly without going gothic! Try black zip dresses such as this one from Republic, or a pussy bow blouse from River Island, as well as Boohoo’s PU leather shorts. Anything stylishly black goes and I guess the black coloured-clothing world really is your oyster for this trend!

That’s it for Style Birmingham; hopefully I covered everything you wanted to know! Look out for future fashion event posts!


Ps. I would like to apologise for the lack of posting, ever since I came back to uni I have had a lot to deal with and I guess it’s affecting my blog – which I did not want it to do! But avid readers don’t worry! I have plenty of posts planned for the upcoming week!

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank anyone who reads this blog, comments, follows me on twitter and on BlogLovin’! It’s amazing when you see people find the time to read your blog, so a big thank you to you guys!


As you may have seen from my previous post, I went to Style Birmingham this weekend. Here is a feature about the event, as well as a review of one of the two fashion shows I attended and the latest looks Retail Birmingham have predicted for Autumn/Winter 2011!

Style Birmingham was a three-day event which ran from the 23rd September to 25th September. Plenty of shoppers had the opportunity to bag exclusive instore offers and goodie bags, as well as having the chance to see two amazing fashion shows at the famous Birmingham Bullring, as well as the Town Hall for only £10.

Not only that but those who bought a Gold VIP ticket were granted a champagne reception in the VIP Lounge as well as bagging a meet and greet with the gorgeous George Lamb! Lucky so and so’s!

The event kicked off at 10am with scores of eager beavers waiting at The Mailbox to receive an exclusive shopper bag designed by Birmingham-born designer, Osman Yousefzada. This lovely illustrated bag was wrapped with a cute pink ribbon around it.

After everyone had collected their designer bags, they had the whole weekend to enter luxurious competitions such as the chance to win an Alexander McQueen scarf, as well as the opportunity to watch a couple of catwalk shows.

Bullring Fashion Show: Redefinition
The first fashion show I attended was ‘Redefinition’ in the Bullring. It was an half an hour catwalk show which showcased some amazingly-styled high street clothes. The show only had a limited number of seats available for Gold VIP ticket holders, however me and Ali  (who bought standard tickets) managed to bag ourselves a seat and a couple of goodie bags.

These goodie bags consisted of mostly men’s perfume samples (which was unfortunate for me but good for Ali), and a couple of beauty samples.


The show itself featured eight different ‘scenes’ from ‘Dark Romance’ to ‘Feathers and Fur’, here are a few of the scenes in detail.

‘Dark Romance’ was the first scene, and was one of my favourite ‘scenes’ of the day!
darkromance I love the styling of this particular picture I took, which reminds me of my style. I love the classic clashing of monochrome colours, as well as the detail that the gold chain belt brings to the outfit. As you can see on the image, all of the clothes are more or less an affordable price from top high street stores, so you don’t have to break the bank to achieve a simple, but seductive on-trend look.

‘The Mod Squad’ channelled the 60s vibe with the classic A-line skirt, graphic printed dresses and neck-tie blouses, as well as adding bright colour-blocking into the mix.
I especially loved this bold look above and I think that this outfit, out of all the looks in this scene, was the best one to embody the current 60s trend! As much as I love this look, I don’t think I’ll be buying the clothes anytime soon, the choice of colours is not really ‘me’. However, I will be definitely hitting Claire’s and grabbing those sunnies!

Scene three was ‘Heritage’, and showcased mostly autumnal colours such as brown, orange and tan, as well as autumn’s must have: the tweed jacket. Here is a video of the ‘Heritage’ scene (ignore my hand shaking about, and the heads of those in front!) Enjoy!

‘Forties Flair’ is another Autumn/Winter’ trend which graced the Bullring catwalk. Think faux fur stoles, plenty of grey hues and polka dot designs!

As you can see, I have included some of the men’s looks too, for all you male readers out there! Guys, take inspiration from 1940’s music icons such as American clarinettist Artie Shaw and other jazz artists.

Another one of my favourite scenes was ‘Mannish’. I love the masculine look, which has been seen on hot celebrities such as Ellie Goulding and Fearne Cotton. So I couldn’t resist sharing this picture that I took of this model donning an all-black mannish outfit.

The leather coat is a bit too pricey and long for a shorty like me, but I do love how incorporating a classic black long coat with a masculine touch of leather can instantly make you bang on-trend!

Deliciously-styled ‘Decadence’, was the penultimate scene of the show. Think teal and green hued dresses, blazers and for men, hoodies!
This look was all about elegance, with an attention to blue and green colours and gold accessorising. I especially love the gold clutch on image two! This trend for men is pretty simple to achieve, try mixing the above colours with suit jackets and denim jeans for a casual on-trend look.  Girls, stick to one colour and accessorize with gold jewellery, bags and shoes to achieve the ‘Decadence’ trend.

And finally, ‘Feathers and Fur’ was the last scene to grace the runway. This trend is all about clashing textures (feathers and fur), such as sporting a faux fur coat from Republic with a Topshop feather Alice band, or if you want to keep it simple, stick to accessories such as this brown £16 faux fur headband from Miss Selfridge and an Urban Outfitters feather necklace for only £20.

I love this picture because of the clashing textures, which breaks all of the typical ‘fashion rules’! Many people have believed for years that you are not meant to mix prints, textures or colours, but for the past two or so seasons, it seems that today’s generation of designers are forming a rebellion and creating a new direction for fashion to grow.

It seemed fitting that this last trend ended the fashion show as all of these trends do redefine fashion. This is after all, the show’s title.

And just when you think you had the fashion rulebook sussed…

Look out for part 3 of Style Birmingham in the near future  Trust me; you wouldn’t want to miss it!

 (All pictures were taken by me)

This weekend I went to a three-day style event in Birmingham. The event was hosted by gorgeous radio and TV presenter George Lamb, and allowed stylish shoppers and fashionistas-alike to sample the exclusive instore offers in the famous Bullring, as well as a catwalk show at the Town Hall. Here is a little feature on what I wore to the event as well as showcasing some cheeky little things I bought whilst I was in the Midlands too!

Below is the outfit I wore to Style Birmingham. I decided to dress for the cold and windy ‘Brummie’ weather, and sport my vintage cut up Levi’s (which I have worn religiously since I bought them a week or so ago!), as well as my brown belt from River Island to hold them up!
Jumper – Republic
Swallow Necklace – Primark
Blouse – New Look
Belt – River Island
Shorts – Vintage
Shoes – Vintage

I also took this event as an opportunity to do a spot of shopping! I didn’t buy much as I had to dash off to different instore events, but I think I made some rather good purchases!

I visited Topshop and bought a lovely dark blue jumper for £20.80 (it was originally £26 but there was a 20% discount offer on for students!) I really need some more jumpers, so I thought this would be a good investment. I also bought this cute collar gold necklace for £8 (the original price was £10), which I would wear with quite a few of my clothes! Collar necklaces are ‘in’ at the moment with hot designers such as Yves Saint Laurent and Moschino accessorising their designs with this new Autumn/Winter 2011 staple piece.   I have to also point out that I love Topshop’s new retail bag! The snake design is so quirky and unique, hence why I had to include it in this picture!

The next stop was Urban Outfitters, where I was kind and bought my boyfriend this amazing Rubik’s cube speaker! You simply plug it into your computer and you instantly have loud music to annoy your flatmates with or party the night away to! I’m so jealous that he has it, is it bad that I want to take away his present and keep it all to myself?

Krispy Kreme was the last stop on the shopping train! Me and Ali couldn’t resist getting a box of six assorted donuts! I tried the strawberry Glamour Glaze, and I have to say, the glazing tasted a bit like lipgloss which I wasn’t too keen on! The one donut which did surprisingly taste nice was the Cookies and Kreme donut, which was a bit hard to bite into but it was soo yummy at the same time!


So there you go! A little feature on what I wore to Style Birmingham as well as the few things I bought whilst I was in the Midlands! Look out for part two’s post about the event itself as well as a cheeky look at the catwalk shows!