Better late than never! This month’s Glossybox finally arrived in the post today, and boy, it was worth the wait!


From Top to Bottom: Glossybox packaging, inside the box, ‘Vanitas’ by Versace perfume, Bliss Blood Orange and White Pepper Body Butter, Révive intensité crème lustre, Clarins Extra-Firming Body Cream and Lancôme Juicy Tubes in ‘Toffee’.

The anticipation was rife when rumours of what might be in this month’s ‘Mystery Box’ had been circulating all over the blogosphere in February. And when the first of many spoilers revealed that March’s edition was in fact a special Harrods beauty box, many bloggers couldn’t contain their excitement – including me! Luxury samples are what most of us paid for when we clicked the ‘subscribe’ button on the Glossybox website all those months ago, and this Harrods edition is perfect for those of us who are unsure whether to  ‘take the leap’ and buy an expensive product without having sampling it first.

So what’s my verdict? Well, most of these samples are ideal for what I am looking for in a beauty box – designer perfume, lip-gloss, body butter, intensive moisturiser and extra firming body cream all fit the bill perfectly. Let’s just hope I feel the same after I test and review them for you guys! I have to say, having had a whiff of the Versace perfume, I’m being won over already! It’s deliciously flowery and fresh! Who knows, it might replace my beloved Loverdose!

What are your thoughts on this month’s Glossybox?



Here is a review on a couple of the Dermalogica samples I was sent in October’s Glossybox. Enjoy!

What are they?
Dermalogica is a well-known skincare brand which has been around for over 25 years. They focus on: “delivering skin health results through education, innovation, and professional recommendation, not through advertising, frilly packaging, promises of miracle cures, or overblown hype.” The products themselves are fairly expensive, with these two samples I am going to review being £40.50 and £33 in their full-sized form.

I am testing these samples to see whether the ‘hype’ about Dermalogica products is true, and to see if they are worth all that money!

Why did you buy it?
I would just like to point out that these two products that I am reviewing are samples, courtesy of my subscription to Glossybox.

What is it?

Glossybox states that it’s: “a powerful thermal skin polisher that combines physical and chemical exfoliants.”
How do you use it?
The instructions state: “apply to damp skin in circular motions for 1-2 minutes, avoiding eye area. A more intense result can be achieved by using directly on dry skin. Rinse off. “
I followed the instructions and went for the first option, and applied it onto damp skin. I used the product once.
(Note: I did a skin allergy test on my hand first before I applied the product to my face.)

What is it?
Glossybox states that it’s: “a powerful masque of concentrated antioxidant vitamins to help skin recover and regenerate.”

How do you use it?
The instructions state: “Apply generously to cleansed face and throat, avoiding the eye area. After 10-15 minutes, gently, yet thoroughly, rinse with warm water. Apply once per week or whenever skin requires a soothing remedy.  Follow with Dermalogica moisturizer.”

I followed the instructions, and used it once for one week. I did not have the Dermalogica moisturizer to hand, therefore this review could have differed slightly if I have this moisturizer to hand after I applied the masque.
(Note: I did a skin allergy test on my hand first before I applied the product to my face.)

(Note: I have only used these products once, so the results may be different to those who have tested their samples more than once.)

Overall, I think the products are good if you want to start your fight against aging skin early. Both of them didn’t smell really nice, even after I rinsed them off!  However, they were easy to apply, and my skin felt instantly smooth afterwards. The Thermafoliant felt like a face scrub, and polished my skin off nicely, whereas the Masque stung my skin a bit (despite me doing an allergy test beforehand).

Out of both products I feel that my skin suited better to the Thermafoliant because my sensitive skin didn’t sting on application and it made me skin feel super soft, in comparison to the Masque.

I personally wouldn’t buy these products now, as I’m only 20, and I believe that these products would best prove useful to those who are a tad older than me. Nevertheless, I’m sure I will be investing in these Dermalogica products when I hit at least 25!



There you go, another beauty review for you guys! I will be reviewing November’s Glossybox this week so make sure you take a look at that. What are your thoughts on Dermalogica?