The Voice. The Attitude. The Style. Who springs to mind when you think of these three words? Rihanna maybe? Or how about Pixie Lott? For me, it’s Jessie J.

There is no doubt that Jessie J is the epitome of cool in all of these departments. With her statement make-up – Union Jack lips anyone? And of course her gutsy attitude – she doesn’t take any crap from her fellow artists on BBC One’s The Voice.  It comes to no surprise that Ms J is an icon for young girls and women everywhere.

(Image sourced from here, here & here)

And now, you can steal the three-time Brit nominee’s looks-for-less. From her iconic see-through red dress at the 2012 Brit Awards, to the simple-but-edgy look below, you don’t need a designer ‘price tag’ to steal Jessie J’s style.

Here is what Jessie J wore on the left-hand side of the image, and what I found similar on the right-hand side:


(Image sourced from here)

1. Dip Dye, £80, Bleach London – Dip dye hair is big this season with celebrities such as Kate Bosworth, Stephanie Pratt and Caroline Flack, as well as amazing fashion bloggers LLYMLRS and Olivia Purvis donning this two-toned look.  If you want a top-notch dip dye do, then head to Bleach London where you can achieve this look for £80. Don’t have a healthy bank balance? Don’t worry, you can grab some hair dye and DIY in the comfort of your own home.

2. Clean PU Biker Jacket, £55, Topshop – Everyone needs a biker jacket to toughen up their wardrobe, and what better season to own one, with the likes of Balmain and Maison Martin Margiela including this jacket in their Spring/Summer collections. Biker jackets are a good investment and are a perfect addition to any pastel/print outfit! If you haven’t got one already, I suggest you invest in one now.

3. EXACT MATCH Long Clothing Drippy Print, £35, Topman – Who knew that Jessie J was a Topman shopper? This drippy black and white print t-shirt is perfect for the day (just look at Ms J’s ensemble), and it can also be transformed for a night out with the girls – just add these Missguided high waisted leather shorts, Barry M Lip Paint in Vibrant Pink and Urban Outfitters lace crochet boots.

4. Moto Stripe Supersoft Leigh Jeans, £40, Topshop – Stripy prints are in – anyone noticing the people of Britain donning referee gear in their everyday style? Fear not though, you don’t need to go overboard, just take inspiration from LLYMLRS. A simple striped jacket (or jeans in this case); will not only make your outfit ‘pop’, it will also make you look sophisticated and on-trend too. Here, Jessie J proves that you don’t have to do it like a dude to rock black and white (or in this case white and blue) stripes.

5. AMELIE Sixties Ankle Boot with Button Detail, £35, ASOS – Jessie J’s white boots prove that you don’t need ‘traditional’ black boots to achieve the ‘rocker’ look.  At £35 they are fairly expensive but for the cost-per-wear (you can pretty much wear them with anything – except at festivals) they are a good investment buy. All you need now is some Violent Lip tattoos and you will be a Jessie J in no time.

Do you like Jessie J’s style?

This week I create three outfits from up-and-coming online store, The Student Boutique

The Student Boutique was created in March 2010 by Candice Edwards, a Marchrones proprietor, with one thing in mind: to sell ‘student fashion’ for ‘student prices’.  Since then, the online store has boomed with students from around the country purchasing their diverse range of clothing and accessories.

This wishlist is all about playful prints with a touch of minimalist accessories. Unfortunately The Student Boutique do not sell shoes, nevertheless I hope you enjoy the looks!

Here they are from clockwise round:

Outfit 1
White Bow Headband, £4 –This lovely white bow headband will add a touch of ‘cuteness’ to the look. This headband will accentuate the cream ribbons on the playsuit, and will go well with the playful/vintage vibe the outfit has to offer.

Blue & Cream Ribbon Print Playsuit, £18 – Print playsuits are in fashion this summer with musical mogul/fashionista Pixie Lott featuring them in her new Lipsy Collection. So naturally I had to feature a print playsuit in This Week’s Wishlist! I love the shade of blue contrasting the cream ribbons – this print is not only ‘functional’ for the daytime, but dress this baby up with some cute cream heels and you will be ready to paint the town ‘blue’!

Antique Effect Gold Owl Ring, £3 – Yes I know, another gold ring – what can I say? I just cannot resist a pretty ring when I see one! Owl jewellery seems to be taking the high-street world by storm at the moment with owl necklaces, earrings and rings popping up in Topshop and New Look, to name a few. This gold ring will add a touch of ‘vintage’ and ‘antiquity’ feel to the look because of the gold effect on the ring and will complete the outfit perfectly.

Outfit 2
Mint Coloured Flower Print Tulip Dress, £18 – This is a floral dress with a twist! The bra-like panels on the dress not only accentuates your boobs, but pair this with the accessories below, and you have yourself a winning on-trend outfit with a twist.

Black/Hematite Bangle, £5.50 – Why be plain and boring with dainty accessories when you can add a touch of ‘rock and roll’ into your look? This black jewel bangle will clash well with the floral dress and will make it a great outfit for the festival season.  Think Poppy Delevigne but without the Belstaff biker jacket.

Diamante Skull Clutch Bag, £27 – To complete the look with the most expensive item on This Week’s Wishlist, I have included a diamante skull clutch bag into the outfit. This will add to the ‘tough rock chick’ look and for the price, is well worth it.

Outfit 3
Leopard Print Cut out Dress, £13 – Completing the focus on the Spring/Summer 2011 print trend; I have picked this daring leopard print cut out dress for only £13! Similar statement print dresses have been seen on the likes of Brooklyn Decker, Tamara Mellon and Jaclyn Smith and if they can pull this off, so can you! Because of the cut outs in the dress, you have to be careful with the fine line of ‘baring too much flesh’. So aside from the cute bangle below, team this dress with a lovely black crop jacket to make your look more stylish and sophisticated.

Gold Jet Stone Cuff Bangle, £5.50 –This accessory is the finishing touch for outfit three and works well with the leopard print dress. To make it even more fashionable and unique with the current tribal trend, try wearing the bangle on top of your arm for a more noticeable way of showing off your bargain bangle.

That’s another wishlist complete for this week; look out for next week’s wishlist featuring three outfits I have created from another prestigious online store, ASOS.

Late last month I went on a shopping frenzy – I spent £38 in Primark in one session for crying out loud! So whilst I sort through my now-bursting wardrobe full of clothes I don’t need or wear, I thought I might as well showcase my purchases as well as a few items which I am looking to get more use out of for summer. So here goes…

Lately I’ve been buying accessories such as bags and jewellery – most notably rings! So I thought I’d put them all in my floral vanity-like box from Primark – only £3! And take a photo, enjoy!

Here they are from clock-wise round:

Primark Floral Vanity Box, £3 – I fell in love with this floral box instantly! Not only does it look quite vintage, it can have many purposes. For example, I could use it as a bag or I could use it as a storage box. It was reduced from £7 which was a further incentive to buy it!

Primark Gold Chunky Chain Necklace, £3.50 – I’m really into my necklaces at the moment and as soon as I saw this chunky gold necklace I knew I wanted to buy it! Whenever I shop, if I like a product I always think of what it can go with – this plays an important part in whether I buy or not. Plus I have Ali, who makes me take everything out of the basket and go through which items I need the most. He’s a good’un. I have made good use out of this necklace already; you can see it in action here.

River Island Tribal/’Festival’ fringed Bag Necklace, £3 – I bought this in the Christmas River Island sale when I worked there last year. I haven’t worn it yet as I’m saving it for this summer and the festival season where it will be at home. This necklace is not only an eye-catcher, it’s also a useful bag to store change for when I’m at the festival.  Who said fashion cannot be practical?

Octopus CD Purse, £8 – I bought this purse ages ago purely because of the design! Octopus is this great boutique in Queens Arcade, Leeds, which sells unique and bright home furnishings such as cutlery, tables and even toasters! I hope to use this purse this summer to store loose change.

Primark Gold Small Purse Necklace, £2.50 –Another purchase from my Primark splurge from the past two weeks! This purse is so delicate and pretty – not usually what you would come across in Primark. You can see it with my outfit here. Another ‘vintage-like’ purchase and I must say, Primark have definitely upped their game this spring/summer!

Primark Floral Headband, £1.50 –Love, love, love this! I try to wear this as often as I can, if the outfit is appropriate. You can see this here. Sadly, one of the flowers came off on a night out, so I went to the Primark’s in Glasgow, Leeds and Manchester and I couldn’t see any! They must be popular. Luckily I managed to fix it. Phew.

Ebay Scrabble Ring, £2.50 –This ring is definitely one of my favourite purchases! I first saw this ring on style-icon Pixie Lott and instantly wanted it! Definitely a worthy buy!

Primark Multi-Coloured Bracelets, £2.50 –These bracelets have a ‘tribal/festival’ feel so I thought I’d buy them. And for a pack of 8 bracelets for £2.50, I thought “why not?” Unfortunately, the one thing about them being a Primark product is that they break easily. So now I’m limited to 4 after giving 2 away to Ali (which later broke) and two which broke when I was in the Primark fitting room! Nice!

Pink Poodle Bird Compact Mirror, £9.99 –This was one of my purchases when I went to Glasgow for the weekend, two weeks ago. I’ve been searching for a nice, quite cheap compact mirror for ages after losing one on a night out and came across this baby in Glasgow’s West End. You can see the mirror in more detail here. Definitely a worthwhile investment.

River Island Feather Headband, £1.50 –I bought this last year and unfortunately lost it. Luckily a few months later it was in the River Island in Preston, so I snapped it up again using my then staff discount!  Unluckily for them, it was a sale item so I got it half off the original price of £1.50. Bargain! I love this headband and usually wear it when I go out on the town. I will be swapping and changing this item with the Primark floral headband this summer.

Primark Big Black and Clear Rimmed Sunglasses, £1 –After my free Sugar magazine sunglasses broke after 3 years of usage, I thought it was time to get some new ones – especially as my only other pair is some gold aviators I picked up from a night out, which are too big for my head! So these £1 ones from Primark will do nicely.

From a friend, Pink and White Shell Necklace (on the teddy bear), £3-£6– I bought this ages ago from a friend who was selling her necklaces – hence the uncertainty about the price! This is going to worn this summer, especially as it’s a nice, beachy, piece of jewellery.

So there you go, here is my little box of goodies which will be on my ‘use’ list for this summer. And I think all of them were a bargain seeing as I’m a poor uni student! Cannot wait for September’s loan already!