One fashion designer which caught my eye during fashion week was Henry Holland, and specifically his designs for top department store, Debenhams.

Intro to Henry Holland
I love Holland’s quirky designs and just like me, he studied Journalism at university. He was catapulted to fame five years ago due his fashion slogan tees, which had eccentric catchphrases such as “Get your freak on Giles Deacon”. Since then, House of Holland (he’s designer brand name) has grown more popular with the fashion crowd, with his designs available to buy in not only prestigious stores such as Selfridges and Harvey Nichols, but you can buy the British designer’s collection from international stockists including Barneys and Opening Ceremony.

Holland’s Autumn/Winter 2011 collection
For the Autumn/Winter 2011 season, House of Holland focused on bright colours and clothing detail such as pearl appliqued sleeves. His inspiration you ask? Bingo halls and country living – who would of thought bingo halls would be inspiring?


I love these outfits because of their eccentricity! Holland is certainly working the boyish trend as well as incorporating a subtle hint of fetish with the use of intricate pearls to create the look of a bodice on outfit number two. Outfit three is definitely the look I would wear, the jumper is quite tongue-in-cheek, and clashes really nicely with the dress.

H! by Henry Holland
Aside from his pretty Paris Eiffel tower jumpers, H! By Henry Holland (which is his brand for Debenhams), has some beautiful and inspirational pieces which I just had to incorporate below!

Here are the items I am currently coveting at the moment from left to right:

#1 Navy ‘Peter Pan’ Collar Top – £20, #2 Red Tartan across Body Handbag – £30, #3 Navy ‘Hester’ Moccasin Shoes – £35, #4 Blue Daisy Print Wellington Boots -£25, #5 Navy Polka Dot Shorts – £22, #6 Mustard Zebra Print Blouse, £17.50.

Henry Holland’s clothes are not only beautiful and quirky, but they are also affordable! I suggest you go to his website and snap up some of his designs quick!

This week’s Wishlist will feature items from style-savvy store; River Island. Similar to my Topshop Wishlist, I have created three outfits which I would wear for night’s out/casual daytime.

These wishlists are also a perfect opportunity to control my urge to spend. Although I do try to think of outfits while I shop, having the chance to create outfits and post them here will allow me not to spontaneously spend my deteriorating student loan… win/win I say!

Here are the items from clock-wise round:

Outfit 1:
Green Leather Bow Jacket, £140 Despite the price, I love the jacket! When you first think of a green leather jacket you think of the typical ‘urgh’ bogey, disgusting green. Sorry to disappoint but this jacket is far from it! It’s a subtle shade of green which is unusual – and you should know by now that I like the ‘unusual’ and is a perfect match with my collar button dress. This is one to invest your money in ladies!

SALE ! Beige Collar Button through Dress, £unknown – Unfortunately this is now out-of-stock online, so the hyperlink would have taken you to an ‘out-of-stock’ page. But this dress is nice and plain which I like, plus it has the sought-after ‘Peter Pan’ collar which is a ‘must-have’ trend on this season’s catwalks. This dress will sit perfectly underneath my green leather jacket (as you can see in the picture). Let’s hope they have this baby in stock in my local River Island store!

Black Stone Ring, £10 – Another shame for you, this item is now out-of-stock! Cue sad face and tears welling up in my eyes! This ring would have gone perfectly with my ‘tough’ look. Hopefully I will come across this gem in the local RI shop!

Dark Red Lace up Ankle Boots, £35 – Dark red is one of my favourite colours, so I could not pass up the opportunity to include these cute ankle boots into my Wishlist this week. I like to mix and match my colours, and these would go very nicely with my subtle leather green jacket. These boots alongside the jacket will ‘toughen’ up the collar dress which again makes this outfit a ‘winner’ in my eyes. Now if only I had a money tree…

Outfit 2:
Purple Colour-Block Playsuit, £30 – Similar to last week’s Wishlist, I went for a piece in the colour-blocking trend and I could not let this playsuit slip past my eyes. This is a nice basic outfit for going out in, which is what I am basing outfit two on, and it will simply let the colours do the talking on the dance floor!

Silver Look Headphone Delicate Necklace, £6 – This beautiful delicate necklace is just up my street! The headphones are unusual, and depict my interest in music, as well as injecting more ‘fun’ into the outfit.

Silver Look Armour Ring, £7 – To say I usually go for gold jewellery, I instantly fell in love with this ring when I saw it online. This adds a bit of ‘bling’ to the outfit without making it look ‘trashy’.

Black Jelly Sandals, £50 – I love, love, love my plain black shoes! These black jelly sandals will be the finishing touch to my outfit, and will compliment my favourite small black bag which I have christened ‘the going out bag’.  Perfect!

Outfit 3:
SALE! Blue Print Swing Frill Vest, £7 – I couldn’t help but have a root through the sales – which is one reason why most of my Wishlist buys are out-of-stock! Nevertheless, this blue print top is perfect for daytime! This, teamed with the white crochet shorts below is perfect for looking fashionable while on a nice walk along the riverside.

SALE! White Crochet Shorts, £unknown – Oh no! These lovely pair of shorts are out-of-stock! Cue more tears! However, these shorts would have gone perfectly with the blue print top tucked in. Oh and the cute flats below! Hopefully they will be available in store!

Silver Look Armour Ring, £7 – This ring is not only functional for outfit two, but it would complement this outfit as well! With a look like this, adding minimalist jewellery is the better option than caking the outfit with bling, I think!

SALE! Light Pink Loafer Brogues, £20 – Yay! Finally found another sale item in stock! I think I shall definitely be buying these brogues for other outfits. Again, these will tee-up the outfit perfectly for the daytime and if I wanted to take the look into the night I shall be adding a black cropped-jacket and my black jelly heels from outfit two!

Et voila! This week’s wishlist is complete! Look out for next week’s wishlist where I shall be drooling over sought-after pieces available from the wonderful Urban Outfitters!