Another week, another feature on my nails!

This week I’m going all starry-eyed by painting my nails à la Dolce & Gabbana!  Their Autumn/Winter 2011 collection was full of this twinkling print – from clashing star and lace dresses to sexy starry trousers – it’s clear that D&G definitely pulled out all the stops on this collection!

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Not only that but it seems that the A Listers have twinkle-toed their way to stardom (see what I did there?), by including this huge trend into their enormous wardrobes. Take note from Lily Allen, Jessie J and Mary-Elizabeth Winstead who all rocked this look effortlessly.

Now onto the nails! I recently bought Barry M nail paint in Vivid Purple and used this varnish, along with the 2 in 1 Top Coat & Nail Hardener – which I always use! I love the Barry M nail colour! I currently don’t have a dark purple in my nail polish collection so this was another incentive for me to buy it! To add the stars, I used celebrity nail technician’s Andrea Fulerton’s metallic silver pen.

Here is an image of what I used to achieve these stellar starry nails!
L-R2 in 1 Top Coat & Nail Hardener Superdrug, Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique Dot & Flick Nail Art £3.99 Superdrug, Barry M Nail Paint in Vivid Purple £2.99 Superdrug & Long Lasting Emery Board (came in a pack of 5) £99p Superdrug.

As usual, I applied a base coat using the top coat and nail hardener, which dried within a couple of minutes. I then painted two coats of Barry M – I only needed one coat, but for my own reassurance I decided to paint on two coats. When it dried (which didn’t take long at all), I used the Dot and Flick nail pen, which I bought earlier that day. Despite applying the ‘stars’, some of them got smudged and didn’t really turn out how I wanted them to – they were more like splats or flowers than stars -but I love the colour combination!

Here is the finished look of the nails:
The lighting was really bad so I had to use flash on my camera, thus the colour looks a bit lighter than what it does in real life. As you can see, I have only painted on two stars at the tip of my nails; I didn’t really want to cover my nails in stars, so I opted for this look. If I were to attempt this look again, I probably would have bought nail art stickers, but being me, I tried to draw them on. Despite the stars not turning out the way I wanted them to, I am in love with the Barry M nail varnish, and I am going to use the metallic pen for dots (as opposed to a blunt end of a cocktail stick). Overall, I’m happy with my attempt.

That’s it for this week’s nails! What do you guys think of my attempt at going all D&G?

PS. I have been shortlisted for Blog of the Month at British Style Bloggers – so happy and excited!

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