The other day I went to the Trafford Centre in Manchester to do a spot of shopping! I spent far too much in Republic (thank God for staff discount!), and had an amazing three-course TGI Fridays meal courtesy of Ali! Here is a quick feature on what I bought! Enjoy!

I was really excited to go to the Trafford Centre, as me and Ali had planned to go sometime this week (mainly to cheer us both up), and to sample some TGI Fridays – our last one was in May in Glasgow! So we hopped onto a train and arrived in Manchester later that afternoon.

We cheekily hit Primark on our way to catch the X50 bus to the Trafford Centre. I was overwhelmed with how large the store was, as well as being surrounded by so many clothes! I decided to just head to the accessories section to browse and purchase a few things.

Here is what I bought at Primark:
Silver Long Cross Necklace, £2.50 – I’m not really a big fan of silver jewellery (regular readers will know that I live in gold rings and necklaces!), but when I spotted this ‘gothic’ necklace, I couldn’t resist buying it! One of my favourite bloggers; Lily Melrose, must have thought there was something special about this charming cross necklace, as I noticed she bought one too! I can pair this up with one of my many monochrome vest tops, and it will also look very nice with my Topshop ear cuff which I bought in Leeds!

Printed Skull Scarf, £3 – Remember the famous Alexander McQueen skull scarf which was donned by many celebrities such as Ashley Tisdale, Lindsay Lohan and Nicky Hilton from 2009? Remember the aftermath of followers who couldn’t afford the real thing and bought replicas from high street stores? Well being me, I jumped ‘on the band wagon’ and bought this skull scarf from Primark two years later. How ‘behind the trends’ am I haha??  Trends aside, this scarf will be a nice change from wearing necklaces all the time, and will hopefully ‘spice’ up my outfits a little bit!

Mesh Spotty Tights, £2 – As regular readers might know, I practically live in shorts and tights! So I thought I should invest in some ‘fancy’ tights instead of wearing plain ones all the time! Primark are really good for tights, as whenever I seem to buy them, they last so long without getting laddered (which is a frequent pain for most tight-wearers). So I bought these lovely spotty tights to make my outfits a little less plain and simple! Watch out for them creeping into outfit posts soon!

Socks, £2 – I needed some new socks as somehow ever since I went to university, they have gone missing or my boyfriend has nabbed them.  So I bought a pack of these black trainer socks for £2. A cheap but cheerful buy!

After a quick Primark shop, we then headed off to the Trafford Centre. As soon as we arrived, I raced off straight to Republic to partake in some staff discounted buys.

I bought quite a few things, check them out below:
White Label Blue, White and Red Checked Shirt, original price £10 – I bought this because I secretly love checked shirts (I have two red ones), and I thought I needed a blue version to wear for work! The new White Label designs are really cheap in comparison to other Republic house brands such as Miso, Crafted and Soul Cal. So I couldn’t miss this opportunity to snap up something basic and simple to wear on my four hour shifts! Many people have compared White Label to Primark, which I can sort of see too. My opinion on the brand is that it caters for people who aren’t already house/out of house Republic  fans, and it provides basic wardrobe staples  such as these straight leg jeans and a dark grey hoody, which you can pair with other Republic printed clothes such as this Crafted x-ray vest top and this Vila sunset jumper.

Miso Fair-trade Isle Cardigan, original price £34.99 – Since Winter is dawning upon us, I thought I should invest in some more cardigans – I currently own two! This cardi is perfect for just throwing something extra onto a simple and basic outfit, plus it will keep me warm in the ever cold and rainy Prestonia!  I can wear this with my Crafted PU leggings and my ‘I love Chaos’ vest for work, as well as to meals out with Ali or the family.

Crafted Embellished Neck Dress, original price £29.99 – I instantly fell in love when I saw this dress! I normally don’t go for Republic dresses as I am a ridiculously short person (4’11” to be exact), and most of their dresses are way too long for me! But after trying this lovely number on, I couldn’t resist buying it! This dress can be worn on nights out, as well as family meals and events too. Plus, this dress goes perfectly with my Miso gold zip boots! Winner winner chicken dinner!

Crafted Jersey Dress, original price £19.99 – Why settle for one dress when you can buy two? That was my thought when I bought this plain and simple jersey dress! The simplicity of this dress means that I can not only wear it for nights out with the girls, but I could also dress it down in the day with my Miso fair-trade cardigan and my new vintage boots for work.

Miso Gold Zip Boots, original price £34.99 – Last but not least, I bought these Miso shoe boots for only £17.49 (with staff discount).  I was debating whether or not to get the red version of these shoes, but if I did buy them I would have been quite limited as to what I could wear with them. So I settled for these beauties instead. These shoes will be used for nights outs and special occasions due to the suedey-feel of the material.

The last few things I bought were from a variety of shops; Topman, H&M and Superdrug.

Here they are below:
Silver Ruler Ring, £9 (with student discount), Topman – Why is it that men’s jewellery is so much better than women’s? That thought struck my mind as I cheekily purchased this über cool Topman ring. Even though I’m not really keen on silver rings (I prefer gold), I couldn’t help myself in picking up this silver ruler version. It’s so different to other rings that I came across that day (even the Topshop ones didn’t impress me), and it will go well with my Primark cross necklace too (see above).

Black Skirt, £3.99, H&M – Every girl needs that basic black skirt that could go with everything in her wardrobe and one of those girls is me. Even though I practically live in shorts and tights, I fancied a bit of a change – sometimes my vast range shorts just don’t look right with that skimming-the-crotch top. And when I saw this cheap skirt, I had to buy it! For £3.99 I would probably wear it to death, and it is a cheaper version of all those bandage-panel bodycon skirts that are around at the moment (with a whopping price tag of £12.99!) Nothing’s better like buying a cheaper alternative to spending half your wage on a more expensive version of a type of clothing.

Nail Varnish Remover & Cotton Wool Balls, £3.99 altogether Superdrug – You may have seen in my ‘Busy Bee’ post that I got some free Topshop nail varnish remover? Well I want to savour that freebie for a while so I decided to invest in some Superdrug basics to see me through. I used to paint my nails all the time back in high school, but now I hardly have any time! That is going to change, from now on; I hope to get back in the ‘nail painting’ swing of things! So look out for future ‘nail art’ posts!

Afterwards, me and Ali had our TGI Fridays, as well as a game of bowling (he unfortunately won), but I managed to beat him at Guitar Hero – love that game!  I had a really good time, and it relieved quite a bit of stress that I have been feeling for the past couple of weeks! Nothing like a great day out with your best friend/boyf to cheer a girl up!

Did you go shopping in the past few days? What did you buy?

Another week, another wishlist. This week I am focusing on another one of my favourite stores, Republic. Republic has a diverse amount of brands from Crafted to Miso to Soul Cal, so whenever you’re stuck for something to wear for a particular occasion, Republic can cater for that.

Once again I have created three outfits from some of my favourite Republic pieces. However, this week there was one piece which I could not incorporate in the outfits, but I loved it so much I have decided to let it have its own spotlight here.

The Soul Cal Deluxe Cricket Jumper

Cricket jumpers have become the fore-front of sports-based fashion with cricket tournaments such as Twenty20 highlighted on sports channels such as the prestigious Sky Sports channel or as part of BBC’s sports coverage.

This jumper is a beautiful shade of blue, which teamed with red lipstick, will make your outfit ‘pop’! At £29.99 it is definitely an investment for not only summer but for winter too!

Here are the items from clockwise-round:

Outfit 1
Miso Layered Feather Necklace, £4.99
– This week I’m going for a ‘laid back’ look. So for outfit one I thought I should ‘spice’ things up with this feather necklace worn as a hair accessory.  Being festival season, feathers are in at the moment – check out the feather headdress from last week’s wishlist! This alone is the perfect accessory for this outfit and compliments the green skinny jeans nicely.

Bench Tricky Birds Top, £19.99 – I love my white print tops, and this Bench birds top is no exception. This top can be worn during the day for the ‘laid back’ look I am trying to achieve here, or it can be dressed up for night time with some black skinny jeans and shoe boots. The one thing which makes this top ‘summery’ is the fact you can tie the ends up and show off that beautiful tummy of yours!

Soul Cal Deluxe Summer Skinny Trousers, £29.99 – Many celebs have been sporting the coloured denim look with style-savvy Fearne Cotton making the most of this trend by wearing blue, red and even pink skinny jeans! So I couldn’t help but feel like I didn’t want to be left out of this cool trend. While most A-List stars are wearing pink coloured jeans – think Victoria Beckham – I decided to wear this trend differently and I have my eye on these cute green skinny jeans!

SALE! Crafted Lace Peep Shoes, £20 – Now not many people suit skinny jeans, so to elongate my short legs I thought I should include these lace peep shoes which are on SALE, onto my wishlist. These complete the outfit perfectly as the fabric colour matches the feather ‘headband’. Perfecto!

Outfit 2
Soul Cal Deluxe Vintage Floral Playsuit, £22.99
– I haven’t featured something floral yet, so I thought that it was time to include this big summer trend into outfit two. This vintage floral suit is perfect for the casual day time look. I love this playsuit so much I even bought it! Look out for it in future outfit posts!

Miso Brogue Lace up Shoes, £39.99 – I am a massive brogue fan! Not only are they super-comfortable, they will look amazing with the floral playsuit to complete the ‘vintage’ look! At £39.99, despite being a tad expensive, they are well worth the investment as the autumn/winter 2011/2012 forecasts prove.

Miso Woven Barrel Bag, £29.99 – For this outfit, I wanted to keep the accessories minimal as the floral print looks good by itself without the need for a large amount of accessories. So this brown woven Miso barrel bag is the perfect finishing touch for this look. Not only does it compliment the brogues, it adds to the ‘vintage’ look which I am hoping to achieve. That’s outfit two done!

Outfit 3
Crafted Printed Tassel Cropped Top, £19.99
– Tassel tops are big in fashion at the moment! Take Eliza Doolittle, who never fails to amaze me with her quirky style! Sticking to my own personal style of white print tees, I have decided on this grungy-looking Crafted printed tassel top. As Miss Doolittle is sporting denim shorts, I thought I would have my own take on complementing this trend with Soul Cal’s Americana Hotpants.

Soul Cal Deluxe Americana Hotpants, £29.99 – These Hotpants are not only different, but they look amazing with the tassel top – which is great if you want an on-trend outfit for the festival season!

Miso Ram Head Ring, £5.99 – This outfit wouldn’t be complete without a nice silver ring – and you know how I love my rings. This Miso Ram Head ring is no exception, and will complement the outfit perfectly.

Crafted Wedge Sandal, £29.99 – Finally, in order to achieve this festival casual look, I had to include this Crafted Wedge sandal into my look. This look is all about the grunge, and I think that all of these wishlist items achieve that.

Well that is another wishlist complete! Look out for next week’s where I look at the eccentric Student Boutique website for three looks which I am sure you will love!