SO you’re probably wondering where the hell has Sarah been? Well here’s a little catch up on the life of a third year journo!

These past three months have been so hectic! Most of you will probably know or have an idea about what it’s like being a third year at uni, and I can definitely say that it’s hard work! Aside from the assignments, it’s hard to find the balance between uni, other commitments, having a social life and of course blogging! So here are a few things that I have been up to!


  February issue of PR1, Our B2B magazine project, The Baking Sheet!, Benga at M.E.N Arena

For our magazine assignment we had to create a B2B magazine, so our group chose to do a bakery one! After a month of blood, sweat and tears (okay, maybe not the blood bit) I present to you The Baking Sheet (pictured above)! As well as making the magazine, I have also been a busy bee working on the Style section of PR1, our uni’s magazine. Our February theme was all things Spring, and what better person to feature on our beauty page, than my ultimate girl crush Cara Delevingne?! Of course, it can’t be all work and no play, so me and Ali went to see Benga and Example at the Manchester Evening News arena as a cheeky celebration for getting our uni work done!


Campaigning with Ali, Delicious hot choc & cupcake, March Issue of PR1

Ali applied to be Media Officer at our university, so we got our friends together and all went out campaigning for him! By this time our consumer magazine project, Guilty Pleasures was in full swing, and the March edition of PR1 was done and dusted, so I decided to go to Sheffield to see my two best friends. If you’re ever in Sheffield, stop by Fancies on Ecclesall Road – this place makes the best cupcakes and a decent hot chocolate too!


Guilty Pleasures!, End of term Mad Hatter tea party, First try at leopard print nails

After printing troubles, and with 10 minutes to spare until the deadline, here is Guilty Pleasures (pictured above)! To celebrate the end of term and finishing our magazine projects, we went to an End of term Mad Hatter tea party, I of course went as a Mad Hatter! It was a nice send off for Easter, and it suddenly dawned on me today that we only have two months left of uni! Cue more work, exam stress, and trying to balance everything!

Lyrics: Rihanna – Where have you been


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EDo4Forget Stella McCartney, Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana! This season, it’s all about Croatia’s emerging designer talent, Fjaba!

With their embellished sequin blouses, colour-block corsets and silk-layered tunics in tow, Fjaba have something different to offer than their European contemporaries.

Founded in 2006 by style-savvy sisters, Mirna and Ida, Fjaba debuted in the world of fashion in 2007 at Cro-à-Porter – a fashion project which promotes up-and-coming Croatian fashion designers – held in Zagreb, Croatia. The success of this event then catapulted them into the leagues of the high-fashion elite, leading them to appear in seven seasons of Croatian Fashion Week!

Things could not have gotten any better for Croatia’s new talent, as British style bibles; Elle, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and Grazia have proved, when they showcased the duo’s designs in their popular magazines, thus spreading the ‘Fjaba love’!

It is safe to say that Fjaba certainly have an eclectic take on fashion, as seen in their debut at London Fashion Week, earlier this year. Their Autumn/Winter 2011 collection was described as “an unforgettable fairy tale with a twist.” Think of a stylish Princess Leia going dark side.

Here is a video from their London Fashion Week debut, showcasing their A/W 2011 collection:

If you want to achieve Fjaba’s looks for less, then look no further!
Here is my high street version of one my favourite outfits from their designs.

From Top to Bottom: Curved Black Blouse, Beaded Fabric Collar, Black Double Facet Stretch Bracelet, A Line Mini Skirt in Lace.

As you can see, you can achieve Fjaba’s look for less than half the price of this Peek-a-boo tunic dress, which is one of my Fjaba favourites!

Fjaba are now well on their way to European domination, with having secured several international placements for their ‘luxury label’, which is currently available in some parts of Europe. For UK readers, you can purchase their designs through Kay Flawless Fashion.

The design duo will be heading back to the UK next month for an independent fashion show, which will include 10 up-and-coming designers. For more information about the event, check out TellusFashion.com!

(Images in graphic sourced from here)