THE LIVE SCENE is expanding with more fashion posts, so I thought it would be a good idea to cover beauty as well.

But beauty you say? Yes, beauty.
For those of you who know me, I hardly wear any makeup and whilst quite a few females cake their faces in foundation, concealer, bronzer, blah, blah, blah, I do not. Nevertheless, it doesn’t make me condemn all beauty products!

Future beauty features will include reviews and ‘tried and testers’ which will hopefully help you if you’re stuck on what to buy.

For today though, I shall guide you through my daily routine…

Step 1: Moisturise
I moisturise my face every day to ensure I don’t get any dry skin during the day. This, alongside drinking water, not only helps keep your skin hydrated but it also cleanses your skin out of the toxins it draws in during the day.

I use Simple’s Hydrating Light Moisturiser. This moisturiser is perfect for those with sensitive skin, and if you keep topping up your water levels, the moisturisation will last up to 12 hours!

With Borage seed oil being one of the moisturiser’s key ingredients, there is no doubt that this moisturiser works its magic well. The Borage oil helps skin with its renewing and regenerating properties whilst the other key nutrient, Glycerin, hydrates and nourishes your skin.

The 125ml bottle which I use twice a day (day and night) lasts me about a month which is perfect for all you budgeting students out there! It’s cheap (£3.25 RRP) as well!

You can buy this moisturiser at Asda, Boots, Co-op Pharmacy, Lloyds, Morrisons, Sainsburys, Superdrug, Tesco,

Step 2: Tackling Spots
This step is a quick two minute process, which I guarantee you, does work wonders!

Being one of the ‘lucky’ ones in life, I have never really suffered from spots or acne. I have just had the odd few. However, if new ones are emerging I use my trusted Tea Tree Oil Spot Stick from Superdrug. At £2.99, not only is it cheap, but it lasts the whole 12 months which is value for money I’d say!

Every morning and night I quickly apply the spot gel onto the areas of my face where spots are beginning to emerge. As a little extra, I always dot the gel around my face to prevent spots coming through. The gel might sting at first; however it soon cools down your skin and works miracles. The spot should be gone in two-to-three days.

I would definitely recommend this product as it has worked for me and even my boyfriend who I asked to try it! It is a must-have beauty buy!

Step 3: Eyeliner
I cannot live without my jet black kohl Rimmel eyeliner! At £2.99 RRP it lasts for up to three months and adds a little extra ‘oomph’ to my bare face.

I line the rim of my upper lash line with my eye pencil, and then line the bottom lash line starting from the middle outwards. I also line above the lash line on my eyelid as well.  I don’t line my whole eye unless I go out for a special occasion or a night out and by lining my eye like this; it looks more wearable for the day time. Also if I am feeling like I look tired or sleepy, I put Rimmel’s white kohl eyeliner on the inner corner of my eyes, which makes me eyes look wider and more awake.

Step 4: Lip Balm
Last but not least is step four, lip balm. I prefer lip balm to lip glosses (as I find most of these quite sticky and gooey, or they just taste quite funny) and I only wear lipstick if I’m going out or for an interview.

I am a huge fan of the Palmers range! I swear by their Cocoa Butter Formula which I use as a body lotion – not only does it help tone your legs and any stretch marks you have, it smells lovely too! This product tempted me to buy Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Dark Chocolate and Peppermint Lip butter.  This lip butter not only smells delicious, but it softens and smoothes your lips!

I carry it around with me everywhere, and even use it instead of lipsticks for nights out! It lasts quite a while too, and for £2.75 it’s a very worthwhile investment.

You can buy this delicious lip balm and any of the Palmers range from Asda, Boots, Chemist Direct, Ocado, Pharmacy 2 U, Sainsbury’s, Superdrug, Tesco and The Beauty Pot.

There you go, that is my quite plain and short daily beauty routine. I am currently expanding my knowledge on beauty products and I am going on a ‘beauty journey’, if you will, of discovering and testing the best concealers, blushes, lipsticks and other beauty products. And you will be with me, every step of the way!