This weekend I went to Blackpool to sample the shops, the food and of course, Blackpool Illuminations!
Here is a quick post on what I got up to!

Big apologies for not posting a lot throughout the past couple of weeks! I have been very busy with uni assignments, work, my radio show and doing things for other blogs. However, I will be back in full form this week – I have plenty of post ideas lined up, I just need to write them! So stay tuned, and thank you for sticking with me and reading my blog, I appreciate it!

Apologies aside, here is the outfit I wore. I decided to incorporate a bit of ‘goth’ into my look with the cross necklace (which later broke when I was in the arcades – gutted!), my vintage black cut-up Levi’s, vintage boots and my trusty Primark tights. I wanted to wear a cosy jumper to complete the look, so I opted for my polka-dot Primark number! Polka-dots are big at the moment with Stella McCartney and Marc Jacobs including them in their Autumn/Winter 2011 collections, so I had to include this knit into today’s look!

Jumper – Primark
Cross Necklace – Primark
Tape Measure Ring – Topman
Levi Shorts – Vintage (via Urban Outfitters)
Tights – Primark
Boots – Vintage

Savvy Spending
As soon as I arrived in Blackpool I marched to Republic to buy some more ‘uniform’ clothes. I had a quick dash around the small store and settled for this black and white star crop blouse for only £10!

This blouse reminds me of up-and-coming boutique; Numph’s white & black Luella Bat Print Blouse, from online fashion store My Label. I love this blouse, which is owned by top bloggers such as Gem Fatale and Carrie of Wish Wish Wish. However, I chose to opt for a quite different and cheaper version which I could wear for work. I would pair this with my River Island light blue skinny jeans and metallic vest top.

River Island was my next and final stop. Why you ask? I ended up spending a whopping £60 in there! I didn’t mean to spend that much, but I just couldn’t help myself when my eyes caught this lovely vintage-style black beaded dress!

I have been looking for a dress similar to this one for ages, and when I saw it, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to bag this baby! I could wear this dress for nights out with the girls and special occasions. I could also make like Altuzarra and team it with a Miss Selfridge khaki parka – the possibilities are endless! Despite the fact these thoughts were running through my mind, my hand was still shaking at the cash desk. In my mind I was thinking: “Hello overdraft!”

Unfortunately as soon as I bought my new dress, my ‘sensible’ side started to rear its ugly end and I decided that £70 was enough to spend on a day’s shopping trip. Hey, I still needed to hit the arcades and spend lots of money in there!

Ooh La Laa Pizza Express!
Me and Ali chose to eat at Pizza Express for tea. Both of us had never been to Pizza Express before and heard lots of raving reviews from our friends, so we decided to give it a try. And boy, was it worth it!

I ordered garlic bread for starter, whilst Ali opted for the chilli version. The garlic bread was just the perfect size for a little one like me! Usually, when you order garlic bread in Italian restaurants you are greeted with a full on 11 inch pizza version! So I was happy when this one turned up on my table.

For mains Ali decided to have the chef’s special hot pizza, whereas I went for pizza with a vegetarian mushroom topping. I really enjoyed my pizza, despite not being able to finish it! After Ali ate his pizza, he decided it wasn’t hot at all – this is the guy who piles on extra hot sauce on his Nandos meals! So it didn’t really surprise me when he claimed it wasn’t spicy enough for him.

Even though we were both full, we decided to share PE’s chocolate fudge cake dessert – which we finished off within minutes of it arriving! It was so nice, and wasn’t as bitter, or ‘too chocolaty’ as I thought it would be!

Overall, I enjoyed my tea at Pizza Express, and would happily go again – although I would skip the starters so I can finish off the mains next time!

Blackpool Sights
After our meal, we decided to have a long walk along the Promenade and view the illuminations. We had also managed to catch the sun set!
Watching the sun set by the beach was beautiful and prepared us for the illuminations. I have never been to see the illuminations before, despite living nearer to Blackpool than Ali (who lives in Ipswich by the way!) So it was a nice experience to walk down the Promenade and take in our surroundings before hitting our last stop, Coral Island.
Coral Island is basically a casino, but with games, bingo and arcades. Me and Ali tried to win as many tickets as we could, so we could win each other prizes. We played Guitar Hero, went on the dance mat and played Deal or No Deal. In the end, Ali won me this cute Coral Island bear!

Overall it was such a fun and nice day out after handing in our uni assignment! We both enjoyed the illuminations, and of course Pizza Express!

Have you guys been to Blackpool? What do you think of it?

This weekend I went to a three-day style event in Birmingham. The event was hosted by gorgeous radio and TV presenter George Lamb, and allowed stylish shoppers and fashionistas-alike to sample the exclusive instore offers in the famous Bullring, as well as a catwalk show at the Town Hall. Here is a little feature on what I wore to the event as well as showcasing some cheeky little things I bought whilst I was in the Midlands too!

Below is the outfit I wore to Style Birmingham. I decided to dress for the cold and windy ‘Brummie’ weather, and sport my vintage cut up Levi’s (which I have worn religiously since I bought them a week or so ago!), as well as my brown belt from River Island to hold them up!
Jumper – Republic
Swallow Necklace – Primark
Blouse – New Look
Belt – River Island
Shorts – Vintage
Shoes – Vintage

I also took this event as an opportunity to do a spot of shopping! I didn’t buy much as I had to dash off to different instore events, but I think I made some rather good purchases!

I visited Topshop and bought a lovely dark blue jumper for £20.80 (it was originally £26 but there was a 20% discount offer on for students!) I really need some more jumpers, so I thought this would be a good investment. I also bought this cute collar gold necklace for £8 (the original price was £10), which I would wear with quite a few of my clothes! Collar necklaces are ‘in’ at the moment with hot designers such as Yves Saint Laurent and Moschino accessorising their designs with this new Autumn/Winter 2011 staple piece.   I have to also point out that I love Topshop’s new retail bag! The snake design is so quirky and unique, hence why I had to include it in this picture!

The next stop was Urban Outfitters, where I was kind and bought my boyfriend this amazing Rubik’s cube speaker! You simply plug it into your computer and you instantly have loud music to annoy your flatmates with or party the night away to! I’m so jealous that he has it, is it bad that I want to take away his present and keep it all to myself?

Krispy Kreme was the last stop on the shopping train! Me and Ali couldn’t resist getting a box of six assorted donuts! I tried the strawberry Glamour Glaze, and I have to say, the glazing tasted a bit like lipgloss which I wasn’t too keen on! The one donut which did surprisingly taste nice was the Cookies and Kreme donut, which was a bit hard to bite into but it was soo yummy at the same time!


So there you go! A little feature on what I wore to Style Birmingham as well as the few things I bought whilst I was in the Midlands! Look out for part two’s post about the event itself as well as a cheeky look at the catwalk shows!

Yesterday I went on a cheeky little trip into town to visit my friend Holly, whom I am presenting a radio show with for Preston FM, as well as to buy some much-needed bargain beauty essentials with the boyf!

The outfit mood for the day was ‘tiredness’ and with a touch of ‘sadness’ after I discovered my beloved faded denim shorts from MK One (remember them?), which I bought five years ago, had a hole in them in the crotch area. I was instantly filled with despair, and so to fill the void, I chose to wear my vintage black Levi’s, with tights and my black boots – which have been glued to my feet ever since I bought them at Leeds Festival!

Excuse my face; it seems that the death of my denim shorts proved too much for me to take a lovely photograph!

Top – Zara

Shorts – Vintage Levi’s

Tights – Primark

Boots – Vintage

After sorting out what me and Holly were going to do on our radio show (which airs on Thursday 15th September at 10am by the way!), me and Ali went into town for a little indulgence shop!

Here is what I bought:

‘Loud’ perfume by Tommy Hilfiger: I love this perfume! I used to wear it religiously at the start of this year but due to unforeseen circumstances (i.e. spending nearly all of my student loan, therefore being a poor student); I could no longer afford to splash out £30 for it. However, my luck has changed as I bagged this baby for over £18 at Boots, which will last me a good while!

There was another perfume I wanted, which was the recently released new Diesel perfume, Loverdose. This perfume not only smells absolutely beautiful, but the packaging itself is divine! Despite having a very healthy bank balance, I could not afford to pay nearly £50 for this seductive scent, so let’s hope the boyf catches on and buys me it for my birthday! Hint hint!

Veet Hair Minimising Body Moisturiser: I bought this on a whim, as I have heard this product is quite good for minimising body hair, thus reducing the amount of times you need to shave/wax/use hair removal cream. Look out for a product review on this in the near future to see if it works!

Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks in Fruit Smoothie and Deep Pore Cleansing Masque for Men: I have always wanted to try out face masks, but I guess I’ve never had the time nor the patience to spend some time putting something on my face (hence why I wear minimal make-up!) So as a little change, I have invested 96p in this Montagne Jeunesse Face Mask in Fruit Smoothie, which is supposed to leave your skin fresher, cleansed and softer – oh and I guess it’s supposed to smell nice too!  Ali also bought a face mask (on my request) to test out for all you guys out there! So expect product reviews by me and the boyf, to see if these beauty masks live up to their reputation!

Wilkinson’s Reporters Notebook: I like to think that I bought this notebook for the budding journalist inside of me. Instead, the real reason is that my other notebook ran out of paper due to me writing draft blog posts and numerous unfinished ‘to do’ lists (a habit of mine which has plagued me ever since high school). Nevertheless I shall use this notebook to record scribblings about the upcoming fashion events I am going to attend (more about that in future posts!) and for other journo bits ‘n’ bobs.

Thornton’s Chocolate Bar Set: This was a gift, albeit a £2 gift (I’m not complaining) from the boyf! We were in Thornton’s dribbling over the chocolate delights that were on offer, and Ali was so sweet to buy me this three piece set of chocolate! Me and him are currently eating healthy at the moment (which isn’t going too well to be honest, scroll down and you will see why we are failing), but this set is perfect for the odd treat – plus I like the packaging!

Simple Kind to Eyes Revitalising Eye Roll-On: Lately I have been suffering from what I can only describe as ‘light exhaustion’, I am forever tired and whenever I wake up and look in the mirror, my eyes have huge bags under them and later in the day I still feel tired! So I thought I needed a little ‘pick-me-up’ in the form of this revitalising eye roll on by my favourite skin care brand, Simple. I am hoping that this product will do what it says on the tin (or the cardboard packaging in this case), and prevent me from looking like a zombie. Again, look for a product review on this in the near future!

Hair brush & bobbles: Self-explanatory really.

After the little shopping trip, me and Ali headed home for a curry (how very unhealthy of us!) and to watch the England match (I’m a classy bird).

I only got through a quarter of the curry (a Chicken Korma), when I had to give the rest of it to Ali’s housemate – how nice of him to finish it off!

We then finished the night by watching Bridget Jones’s Diary, a ‘classic’ film in which I educated Ali about the ups and downs we women go through. Needless to say, he learnt a lot.

So there you go. What I got up to yesterday in a nutshell!

What did you guys get up to?

Ooh and look out for product reviews and more ‘personal’ posts in the near future!