GERMAN POLICE are using an Orwellian new system to require people to declare themselves sick to be able to travel abroad.

Germany has had its largest outbreak of COVID in more than a decade, and the country’s authorities have said that it is vital that anyone who is contagious should report it to the authorities.

But many have questioned whether the country is in the midst of an outbreak.

The German Health Ministry said that those who have a history of being contagious, who have not reported the disease to their health care provider, or who have been in contact with anyone who has been infected with the virus are not required to register as infected.

In Germany, people who have previously been infected are not considered contagious for up to five years.

But in the United States, the American Medical Association said in a statement that people with a history that includes multiple exposures to COVID can be considered contagious if they report their symptoms within the past two weeks.

In a statement, the AMA also said that while the AHA has been “on the frontlines of the outbreak” with its work to identify cases, it believes that the German system is “dangerous and discriminatory” and that “no person should be required to report symptoms if they have not already done so.”

The German government has said that people are being given the option to remain in their homes and work as long as they feel well.

The country’s federal police say that up to 150,000 people in Germany have registered for health checks, and some experts have argued that this could amount to a significant strain on the system.

Germany, one of the biggest COVID hotspots in Europe, has been struggling with a severe outbreak of the virus, and many people are not feeling well and are not willing to travel.

On Friday, the German health ministry said that up for a third straight day, it would be possible to travel overseas without reporting to authorities.

The ministry said in an official statement that those “who are not ready to report their condition, or do not wish to report it and have not had contact with infected persons are asked to register for the required period of observation.”

“Those who are not fit to travel, but who do not pose a risk of transmitting the virus to others, are given the choice to remain home or work,” the statement said.

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