Christmas jumpers; love them or loathe them. They always seem to pop up when winter arrives. But will I be buying into the hype?

We’ve all seen Bridget Jones’ Diary, where Bridget and Mark Darcy first meet at her mum’s turkey curry buffet wearing atrocious Christmas attire. It was love at first fashion faux-pas sight! Bridget was sporting a hideously patterned sack made out of her mum’s carpet (some may call it a dress), and Mr Darcy was wearing an emerald green knit with a massive in-your-face Reindeer’s head on it – not exactly Christmas chic!


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So when I heard that Christmas jumpers were back in fashion (aren’t they every year?), I instantly dismissed the idea of even looking at one. That was until I saw my friend wearing her aptly named ‘Granddad jumper’. Not only was it actually her Granddad’s ‘annual Christmas jumper’, but it was a fashionable Fairisle ‘Granddad Christmas jumper’. Has fashion finally hit the Christmas jumper jackpot?

From online retailer ASOS’s fabulous Fairisle jumper, to popular high street chain Miss Selfridge’s subtly starry Christmas number, it seems that Christmas jumpers are now leaping into the latest trend books, leaving peplums and leather stranded in the ‘that’s so last season’ universe.

So what are your thoughts on the Christmas jumper? Third year UCLan student Terri-Ann Williams thinks: “Some can look really cheap! But then some are super itchy. It’s usually the itchy ones which look the nicest too!” Whilst another third year student, Ben Nielsen, doesn’t get the Christmas jumper hype. He says: “Like a great many things, I just don’t get it. Especially the really obvious ones with reindeers etc on. Why?!”

Even though the high street has finally designed some decent Christmas jumpers (I’m still not so sure on this River Island ‘Kiss me’ jumper), maybe it’s time that I kiss goodbye to the Christmas jumper hype and settle for next season’s must-have – the potato sack!

What are your thoughts on the Christmas jumper hype?

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