This week’s nails are going all ‘ombre-fied’!

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Ombre tones were a huge trend which dominated the Spring/Summer 2012 catwalks of Charlotte Ronson, Louis Vuitton and Giorgio Armani Couture. So it comes to no surprise that I had to feature this trend on my nails this week!

Here is an image of what I used to achieve my ombre nails!
From L-R Collection 2000 Hot Looks in Show Off , 2 in 1 Top Coat & Nail Hardener Superdrug & 17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish in Mint Choc Chip Boots.

Firstly, I applied the top coat & nail hardener as a base coat, which only takes up to a minute to dry. I then painted half of my nails with one coat of Collection 2000 ‘Show Off’. This colour is one of my favourites as it’s so bright! Afterwards I then painted the other half of my nails (from the middle to the tip) with my candy-coloured 17 polish in ‘Mint Choc Chip’, which I bought in my Boots Bargains post. Again I only applied the one coat and waited for it dry. Finally, after two minutes of drying, I created wavy lines over the middle where the two colours meet with my Collection 2000 ‘Show Off’ polish. Due to only applying the one coat of it at the beginning, it created sort of a ‘gradual’ ombre effect to the ‘Mint Choc Chip’ colour.  Then well ah!

Here is the finished look of the nails:
ombrenailsTo say that I have never attempted ombre nails, I think these bad boys are okay! The wavy lines could have been better but oh well! I have to say both nail polishes dried really fast, which is quite unusual for me as I always end up with varnishes that have a long drying time!

If you’re looking for more ombre nail ideas, one of my favourite bloggers; LLYMLRS has done an ombre post, but has painted each of her nails a lighter colour than the first, if you want to check it out here.

That’s all for this week’s nails, what do you think of my attempt? Have you attempted ombre nails before? I’d love to have a look!



Today’s post is all about my beautiful Boots’ bargains!

I set myself a spending budget of £20 (which was on a Boots gift card), to see if I could buy things that I needed – hence the cotton wool pads – and things that I have lusted after for quite a while! I spent a total of £18.35 – which is good, considering I only bought six things!

Here is what I bought:

From Top to Bottom: 1. 17 BB Cream, 2. Barry M Lipstick in Coral, 3. 17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish in Fairy Cake, 4. 17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish in Mint Choc Chip, & 5. Natural Collection Lash Length Mascara.

Look out for reviews on some of the products! What Boots’ bargains have you purchased lately?

Yesterday I went on a cheeky little trip into town to visit my friend Holly, whom I am presenting a radio show with for Preston FM, as well as to buy some much-needed bargain beauty essentials with the boyf!

The outfit mood for the day was ‘tiredness’ and with a touch of ‘sadness’ after I discovered my beloved faded denim shorts from MK One (remember them?), which I bought five years ago, had a hole in them in the crotch area. I was instantly filled with despair, and so to fill the void, I chose to wear my vintage black Levi’s, with tights and my black boots – which have been glued to my feet ever since I bought them at Leeds Festival!

Excuse my face; it seems that the death of my denim shorts proved too much for me to take a lovely photograph!

Top – Zara

Shorts – Vintage Levi’s

Tights – Primark

Boots – Vintage

After sorting out what me and Holly were going to do on our radio show (which airs on Thursday 15th September at 10am by the way!), me and Ali went into town for a little indulgence shop!

Here is what I bought:

‘Loud’ perfume by Tommy Hilfiger: I love this perfume! I used to wear it religiously at the start of this year but due to unforeseen circumstances (i.e. spending nearly all of my student loan, therefore being a poor student); I could no longer afford to splash out £30 for it. However, my luck has changed as I bagged this baby for over £18 at Boots, which will last me a good while!

There was another perfume I wanted, which was the recently released new Diesel perfume, Loverdose. This perfume not only smells absolutely beautiful, but the packaging itself is divine! Despite having a very healthy bank balance, I could not afford to pay nearly £50 for this seductive scent, so let’s hope the boyf catches on and buys me it for my birthday! Hint hint!

Veet Hair Minimising Body Moisturiser: I bought this on a whim, as I have heard this product is quite good for minimising body hair, thus reducing the amount of times you need to shave/wax/use hair removal cream. Look out for a product review on this in the near future to see if it works!

Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks in Fruit Smoothie and Deep Pore Cleansing Masque for Men: I have always wanted to try out face masks, but I guess I’ve never had the time nor the patience to spend some time putting something on my face (hence why I wear minimal make-up!) So as a little change, I have invested 96p in this Montagne Jeunesse Face Mask in Fruit Smoothie, which is supposed to leave your skin fresher, cleansed and softer – oh and I guess it’s supposed to smell nice too!  Ali also bought a face mask (on my request) to test out for all you guys out there! So expect product reviews by me and the boyf, to see if these beauty masks live up to their reputation!

Wilkinson’s Reporters Notebook: I like to think that I bought this notebook for the budding journalist inside of me. Instead, the real reason is that my other notebook ran out of paper due to me writing draft blog posts and numerous unfinished ‘to do’ lists (a habit of mine which has plagued me ever since high school). Nevertheless I shall use this notebook to record scribblings about the upcoming fashion events I am going to attend (more about that in future posts!) and for other journo bits ‘n’ bobs.

Thornton’s Chocolate Bar Set: This was a gift, albeit a £2 gift (I’m not complaining) from the boyf! We were in Thornton’s dribbling over the chocolate delights that were on offer, and Ali was so sweet to buy me this three piece set of chocolate! Me and him are currently eating healthy at the moment (which isn’t going too well to be honest, scroll down and you will see why we are failing), but this set is perfect for the odd treat – plus I like the packaging!

Simple Kind to Eyes Revitalising Eye Roll-On: Lately I have been suffering from what I can only describe as ‘light exhaustion’, I am forever tired and whenever I wake up and look in the mirror, my eyes have huge bags under them and later in the day I still feel tired! So I thought I needed a little ‘pick-me-up’ in the form of this revitalising eye roll on by my favourite skin care brand, Simple. I am hoping that this product will do what it says on the tin (or the cardboard packaging in this case), and prevent me from looking like a zombie. Again, look for a product review on this in the near future!

Hair brush & bobbles: Self-explanatory really.

After the little shopping trip, me and Ali headed home for a curry (how very unhealthy of us!) and to watch the England match (I’m a classy bird).

I only got through a quarter of the curry (a Chicken Korma), when I had to give the rest of it to Ali’s housemate – how nice of him to finish it off!

We then finished the night by watching Bridget Jones’s Diary, a ‘classic’ film in which I educated Ali about the ups and downs we women go through. Needless to say, he learnt a lot.

So there you go. What I got up to yesterday in a nutshell!

What did you guys get up to?

Ooh and look out for product reviews and more ‘personal’ posts in the near future!

THE LIVE SCENE is expanding with more fashion posts, so I thought it would be a good idea to cover beauty as well.

But beauty you say? Yes, beauty.
For those of you who know me, I hardly wear any makeup and whilst quite a few females cake their faces in foundation, concealer, bronzer, blah, blah, blah, I do not. Nevertheless, it doesn’t make me condemn all beauty products!

Future beauty features will include reviews and ‘tried and testers’ which will hopefully help you if you’re stuck on what to buy.

For today though, I shall guide you through my daily routine…

Step 1: Moisturise
I moisturise my face every day to ensure I don’t get any dry skin during the day. This, alongside drinking water, not only helps keep your skin hydrated but it also cleanses your skin out of the toxins it draws in during the day.

I use Simple’s Hydrating Light Moisturiser. This moisturiser is perfect for those with sensitive skin, and if you keep topping up your water levels, the moisturisation will last up to 12 hours!

With Borage seed oil being one of the moisturiser’s key ingredients, there is no doubt that this moisturiser works its magic well. The Borage oil helps skin with its renewing and regenerating properties whilst the other key nutrient, Glycerin, hydrates and nourishes your skin.

The 125ml bottle which I use twice a day (day and night) lasts me about a month which is perfect for all you budgeting students out there! It’s cheap (£3.25 RRP) as well!

You can buy this moisturiser at Asda, Boots, Co-op Pharmacy, Lloyds, Morrisons, Sainsburys, Superdrug, Tesco,

Step 2: Tackling Spots
This step is a quick two minute process, which I guarantee you, does work wonders!

Being one of the ‘lucky’ ones in life, I have never really suffered from spots or acne. I have just had the odd few. However, if new ones are emerging I use my trusted Tea Tree Oil Spot Stick from Superdrug. At £2.99, not only is it cheap, but it lasts the whole 12 months which is value for money I’d say!

Every morning and night I quickly apply the spot gel onto the areas of my face where spots are beginning to emerge. As a little extra, I always dot the gel around my face to prevent spots coming through. The gel might sting at first; however it soon cools down your skin and works miracles. The spot should be gone in two-to-three days.

I would definitely recommend this product as it has worked for me and even my boyfriend who I asked to try it! It is a must-have beauty buy!

Step 3: Eyeliner
I cannot live without my jet black kohl Rimmel eyeliner! At £2.99 RRP it lasts for up to three months and adds a little extra ‘oomph’ to my bare face.

I line the rim of my upper lash line with my eye pencil, and then line the bottom lash line starting from the middle outwards. I also line above the lash line on my eyelid as well.  I don’t line my whole eye unless I go out for a special occasion or a night out and by lining my eye like this; it looks more wearable for the day time. Also if I am feeling like I look tired or sleepy, I put Rimmel’s white kohl eyeliner on the inner corner of my eyes, which makes me eyes look wider and more awake.

Step 4: Lip Balm
Last but not least is step four, lip balm. I prefer lip balm to lip glosses (as I find most of these quite sticky and gooey, or they just taste quite funny) and I only wear lipstick if I’m going out or for an interview.

I am a huge fan of the Palmers range! I swear by their Cocoa Butter Formula which I use as a body lotion – not only does it help tone your legs and any stretch marks you have, it smells lovely too! This product tempted me to buy Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Dark Chocolate and Peppermint Lip butter.  This lip butter not only smells delicious, but it softens and smoothes your lips!

I carry it around with me everywhere, and even use it instead of lipsticks for nights out! It lasts quite a while too, and for £2.75 it’s a very worthwhile investment.

You can buy this delicious lip balm and any of the Palmers range from Asda, Boots, Chemist Direct, Ocado, Pharmacy 2 U, Sainsbury’s, Superdrug, Tesco and The Beauty Pot.

There you go, that is my quite plain and short daily beauty routine. I am currently expanding my knowledge on beauty products and I am going on a ‘beauty journey’, if you will, of discovering and testing the best concealers, blushes, lipsticks and other beauty products. And you will be with me, every step of the way!

This week’s Wishlist will feature items from style-savvy store; River Island. Similar to my Topshop Wishlist, I have created three outfits which I would wear for night’s out/casual daytime.

These wishlists are also a perfect opportunity to control my urge to spend. Although I do try to think of outfits while I shop, having the chance to create outfits and post them here will allow me not to spontaneously spend my deteriorating student loan… win/win I say!

Here are the items from clock-wise round:

Outfit 1:
Green Leather Bow Jacket, £140 Despite the price, I love the jacket! When you first think of a green leather jacket you think of the typical ‘urgh’ bogey, disgusting green. Sorry to disappoint but this jacket is far from it! It’s a subtle shade of green which is unusual – and you should know by now that I like the ‘unusual’ and is a perfect match with my collar button dress. This is one to invest your money in ladies!

SALE ! Beige Collar Button through Dress, £unknown – Unfortunately this is now out-of-stock online, so the hyperlink would have taken you to an ‘out-of-stock’ page. But this dress is nice and plain which I like, plus it has the sought-after ‘Peter Pan’ collar which is a ‘must-have’ trend on this season’s catwalks. This dress will sit perfectly underneath my green leather jacket (as you can see in the picture). Let’s hope they have this baby in stock in my local River Island store!

Black Stone Ring, £10 – Another shame for you, this item is now out-of-stock! Cue sad face and tears welling up in my eyes! This ring would have gone perfectly with my ‘tough’ look. Hopefully I will come across this gem in the local RI shop!

Dark Red Lace up Ankle Boots, £35 – Dark red is one of my favourite colours, so I could not pass up the opportunity to include these cute ankle boots into my Wishlist this week. I like to mix and match my colours, and these would go very nicely with my subtle leather green jacket. These boots alongside the jacket will ‘toughen’ up the collar dress which again makes this outfit a ‘winner’ in my eyes. Now if only I had a money tree…

Outfit 2:
Purple Colour-Block Playsuit, £30 – Similar to last week’s Wishlist, I went for a piece in the colour-blocking trend and I could not let this playsuit slip past my eyes. This is a nice basic outfit for going out in, which is what I am basing outfit two on, and it will simply let the colours do the talking on the dance floor!

Silver Look Headphone Delicate Necklace, £6 – This beautiful delicate necklace is just up my street! The headphones are unusual, and depict my interest in music, as well as injecting more ‘fun’ into the outfit.

Silver Look Armour Ring, £7 – To say I usually go for gold jewellery, I instantly fell in love with this ring when I saw it online. This adds a bit of ‘bling’ to the outfit without making it look ‘trashy’.

Black Jelly Sandals, £50 – I love, love, love my plain black shoes! These black jelly sandals will be the finishing touch to my outfit, and will compliment my favourite small black bag which I have christened ‘the going out bag’.  Perfect!

Outfit 3:
SALE! Blue Print Swing Frill Vest, £7 – I couldn’t help but have a root through the sales – which is one reason why most of my Wishlist buys are out-of-stock! Nevertheless, this blue print top is perfect for daytime! This, teamed with the white crochet shorts below is perfect for looking fashionable while on a nice walk along the riverside.

SALE! White Crochet Shorts, £unknown – Oh no! These lovely pair of shorts are out-of-stock! Cue more tears! However, these shorts would have gone perfectly with the blue print top tucked in. Oh and the cute flats below! Hopefully they will be available in store!

Silver Look Armour Ring, £7 – This ring is not only functional for outfit two, but it would complement this outfit as well! With a look like this, adding minimalist jewellery is the better option than caking the outfit with bling, I think!

SALE! Light Pink Loafer Brogues, £20 – Yay! Finally found another sale item in stock! I think I shall definitely be buying these brogues for other outfits. Again, these will tee-up the outfit perfectly for the daytime and if I wanted to take the look into the night I shall be adding a black cropped-jacket and my black jelly heels from outfit two!

Et voila! This week’s wishlist is complete! Look out for next week’s wishlist where I shall be drooling over sought-after pieces available from the wonderful Urban Outfitters!