Okay so it’s been a while on the ‘fashion intern’ front, but I am happy to report that last weekend I was a dresser for London Fashion Weekend!


It might be a far cry from the world of print and PR (I helped with LFW prep at Whitehair Co earlier this month), but this internship allowed me to see the ‘other side’ of fashion. From having a close encounter with the amazing Giles Deacon and the inspirational Hilary Alexander, to seeing the production of several designer and trend shows, needless to say I had an awesome time!

Our role for the day was to steam our model’s clothes, dress them and assist the stylists when they needed our help. It was such a different environment from the ‘newsroom’, and I learnt a lot about what happens ‘behind the scenes’. I would definitely do it again, and hopefully next season I can work with a designer on their show during Fashion Week!


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It seemed like only yesterday, when I nervously walked through those Blue Fin revolving doors, for my first day at Look Magazine. Oh how it all changes in two months! Here is a quick post to catch you all up on what’s happened since I relocated back up t’North!

From Left to Right: Goodbye Look fashion cupboard!, Farewell drinks at Leicester Square, Nibbles at Las Iguana, Monkey face, Tempura Prawns, Yo Sushi!, Betting on the Euro England v Italy game, Girls night out, Italian dessert with the work girls, moving out of my uni flat, Moka with the boyf, Ron pretending his The Lion King, me, me & Ali & Anniversary chocolates.

I have pretty much been working non-stop since I came back from Ipswich/London, and with this and moving out of my flat into a new house, things have been so hectic – hence my lack of posts!  I have plenty of post/feature ideas up my sleeve but I just need to write them, some of them include an internship summary, the intern’s survival guide and I also have plenty of my regular features to post too, so look out for them! Today is my day off so I’m catching up with emails, this blog and doing house chores – yaaaay! Hope you guys are having a good summer so far and thank you for sticking around after my short hiatus!

Dear Diary;

Sorry for the lack of posts! These past few days have been soo busy, and I’m soo tired! Here is a short but sweet ‘week in photos’ post!


From Left to Right: Bowling with Ali’s family, Cute little cupcakes, jumble sale bargain of the day – a practically new & unused retro suitcase for £2!, Southwold beach, cat shoes (look out for a post on them coming soon!), me, adorable cat and duck door stops, Saxon, Ali shaking Saxon’s paw and Ali’s little brother’s homemade chocolate fudge cake (me & Ali made it and we’re so proud!).

Dear Diary;

Yesterday was yet another busy day in the fashion cupboard, with returns after returns. Here is a quick post on what I wore.

From Top to Bottom: Jumper – VINTAGE, Love Ring – RIVER ISLAND, Leather Shorts – VINTAGE & Tights – PRIMARK.

Lyrics: Marina and the Diamonds – I Am Not A Robot

Dear Diary;

I hope everyone had a lovely Jubilee weekend! After an amazing four day break, I am back at Look for my third week. Here is yesterday’s outfit, and a little bit about what I got up to this weekend!


From Top to Bottom: Top – TOPSHOP, Necklace – PRIMARK, Scrabble Initial Ring – EBAY, Gold Cross Ring – URBAN OUTFITTERS & Heart Print Trousers – REPUBLIC.

These past four days have been amazing! On Sunday me and Ali decided to brave the ‘Jubileers’, and head down to London to celebrate his birthday. We hit M&M World and managed to have our photo taken with Yellow (he’s my favourite), and I bought Ali a little souvenir in the form of a t-shirt! For lunch we headed to a beautiful Lebanese restaurant in Covent Garden. It was a nice change from the usual Italian, Chinese and other places which we usually go to – the food is sooo healthy and we had managed to get two starters for free! Bargain! Next stop was Chelsea and Kensington to try and hit the charity shops, but we had no luck in finding any. On the plus side we did see Freddie Ljungberg walking his dog near Sloane Square! ~Cue star struck moment~ On the way home we decided to see what all the fuss was about, by heading to Westfield Shopping Centre in Stratford. It was safe to say that me and Ali weren’t impressed – Northern shopping centres definitely trumps the South on this front IMO.

Below is a little ‘my day in London photos’, enjoy!

From Left to Right: Me and Ali, M&M World, Ali, Ali and Me with ‘Yellow’, Leicester Square, Falafel Hummus, My roasted lamb with rice, Ali’s lamb cutlets with chips, A chocolate crepe from Kensington Crepe café, Knightsbridge & Me and Ali again.

I apologise that this is such a picture/word heavy post; I usually don’t have very much to say!

Lyrics: Fun – We Are Young


Diary Diary;

I hope you are all having a lovely Jubilee weekend! Here is a short post on my week in photos!


From Left to Right: Face, Artwork on Tube, Jubilee Look Magazine, In the magazine’s credits, Yummy Mango Passion smoothies from Crussh, Chocolate ice cream, Photoshoot call sheet, Diet Coke, Lovely meal with the girls & free sweets.


Dear Diary;

Wow, this week has flown by! Here is a quick post on my outfits and what I got up to this week!

From Top to Bottom: Bow Tie – BURTON, Nude Pink Blouse – NEW LOOK, High Waisted Denim Shorts – RIVER ISLAND & Tights – REPUBLIC.

O2 (2)

From Top to Bottom: Khaki Parka – NEW LOOK, White Lace Top with Black Bows – RIVER ISLAND, Scrabble Initial Ring – EBAY, Gold Armour Ring with White Stone – PRIMARK, Gold Cross Ring – URBAN OUTFITTERS & Black Leggings – REPUBLIC.

O3 (2)

From Top to Bottom: White Jumper with Black Baubles – RIVER ISLAND, High Waisted Denim Shorts – RIVER ISLAND, Silver Tape Measure Ring – TOPMAN & Tights – PRIMARK.

From Top to Bottom: Grey Long Cardigan – H&M, Blue and White Stripe Top – FRENCH CONNECTION, Necklace – PRIMARK & Black Leggings – REPUBLIC.

It has been yet another busy week in the fashion cupboard, with more returns, calling PRs and all of us attending photoshoots. I attended the High Street Hottest shoot on Wednesday, and I have to say that I really enjoyed it! It was such a nice relaxing day away from the office (or should I say cupboard?), and all I had to do was steam the clothes and dress the model. It was an insightful day on how photoshoots work, and I was so happy that I had the opportunity to be a part of it! I was talking to the person who runs the studio we shot the photoshoot in, and it made me think that after university next year I want to spend the summer living and working aboard – with France, Italy and Spain being potential places – now all I need to do is save up and work!

Next year’s summer plans aside, this four day weekend is going to consist of catching up on sleep and celebrating Ali’s birthday on Tuesday, which should be fun – I think a trip to Nandos and the cinema is on the cards! I hope you all have a great weekend wherever you are, and look out for my week in photos post tomorrow!