SPRING 2013 beauty has gone back to the future with space age metallic lids, as seen on the catwalks of Giorgio Armani, Gucci and Versace. The make-up may seem reminiscent of Alien vs. Predator, but who can’t turn down a shimmering silver smokey eye?

If you can’t resist looking like It girl of the moment Cara Delevingne, then The Live Scene’s version of Chanel’s ultra-modern trend will make sure you’ll reach Top Model status in no time.

Apply 17’s BB cream for flawless skin – the added SPF 15 will also give you protection against the sun (or lack of it)! Now onto the brows! This season strong eyebrows are the go-to, with celebs such as Lily Collins, Camille Belle and The Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev all leading the bushy brow brigade. Fill in your brows with Benefit’s Brow zing to get clean, smooth brows – but don’t go overboard, we don’t want to look like the cast of Desperate Scousewives!

Once you’re all browed out, sweep Daniel Sandler’s silver eye shadow across your lids, and up to the base of your eyebrows. Build up the colour until it turns into a dark metallic tone. To make yourself look more awake, try placing the shadow on the inner corners of your eyes. Then line them with Rimmel’s soft kohl pencil in Jet Black to make your peepers stand out. Finish your futuristic eyes off with two coats of Rimmel’s Volume Flash Scandal’Eyes mascara.

Even though it’s Spring, the cold weather can wreak havoc on your lips. Banish dry, chapped lips with Lancôme’s Juicy Tubes in Fraise. Check out my Lancôme juicy tube review here.

Will you be joining the space-age tribe this season?


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(Image sourced from Vogue.com, graphic copyright to me)



Professional Beauty North was an exclusive trade event held earlier this week, at the award-winning exhibition arena Manchester Central.

The event catered for anyone who is involved or interested in the beauty industry – from student therapists, to salon owners, to even the beauty brands themselves. I was lucky enough to attend this event, and I can say that it was an amazing opportunity for people to learn new skills, build their businesses and to network with some top industry insiders!

There were a range of exhibitor stands including top tanning company Fake Bake, skin specialists Dermalogica and even TOWIE’S Lauren Goodger’s brand, Lauren’s Way!

Budding beauty artists also had the chance to enter two competitions – the Manchester Nail Championships and the Professional Beauty North Make-Up Competition.

I attended the Make-Up Competition awards ceremony, and I was very impressed at how well the student beauty therapists had done! My favourite ended up in third place – her entry was a girl dressed in a gorgeous Alexander McQueen-esque white puff dress with flowers sewn on, and of course her make-up was amazing too!

Here are the winners:
1st Place – Zandra Kabat (who chose to do the Fantasy theme)
2nd Place – Stephanie Clark (who chose to do the Fright Night theme)
3rd Place – Amy Baxter (who chose to do the Fashion/Catwalk theme)

There were also some really good deals at the event, and I ended up buying some Lauren’s Way Dream Rollers (which I should add DO work – there will be a review to follow), as well as a Depilator and some Helen E Cosmetics!

Overall I really enjoyed the event! It was a great place to network with like-minded people, and to see what amazing beauty products were on offer. I would definitely recommend this event to anyone who is interested in the beauty industry!

Did you go to Professional Beauty North? Did you enjoy it?

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Looking for that perfect lip balm to keep your lips soft and smooth? Then look no further, as The Live Scene has found and reviewed the best* balm to keep your lips luscious!

What is it?
Figs & Rouge is a company which aims to provide and create natural balms which are 100% organic, and free from harmful chemicals. The brand caters for ‘all skin types’.

The Glossybox website describes this product as: “Figs & Rouge Lip Balm is excellent for soothing and conditioning dry or chapped lips & skin. Using only 100% Pure, 100% Natural & 100% Organic ingredients – this cute balm is suitable for all skin types.”

Figs & Rouge provides six other different flavours of lip balms (I have Rambling Rose), here they are below:
(Images sourced for this graphic are from here)
From L-R: 1. Aloe and Mint, 2. Sweet Geranium, 3. Peppermint and Tea Tree, 4. Pomegranate, 5. Wild Cherry & 6. Coco Vanilla.

Why did you buy it?
It was free with April’s Glossybox. It is £3.29 for an 8ml pot of lip balm. I was given the Rambling Rose Cherry and Vanilla flavour.

How do you use it?
I glided the desired amount (not a lot) of lip balm onto my lips, and voila, finished!

To say that I swear by my beloved Palmers Peppermint and Chocolate lip butter, this Figs and Rouge version is a very strong contender to possess first place in my make-up bag! The lip balm is not sticky or gooey, it’s nice and smooth, and you only need a little (and I stress, only a little bit) to smooth your lips! This product will last for quite a while, so for £3.29 it’s not bad in the ‘cost per wear’ department! At first, I wasn’t keen on the smell, and I would have much preferred the Coco Vanilla or the Peppermint and Tea Tree flavours, but I did receive it from Glossybox, and as they aim for people to try new brands and products, I can’t complain! If it wasn’t for the flavour preference, I would have given this product a 5/5!

My rating (out of 5):
What are your thoughts on Figs and Rouge’s lip balms? Do you have any ‘must-have’ lip balms? Or are you a lip gloss/lipstick sorta girl?

It’s that time again! Another month, another Glossybox!  This April, Glossybox focused on being more economical and earth-savvy with their product choices. So here are my first impressions of this limited edition ‘Natural Beauty’ box!

From Top to Bottom: Opening the Glossybox, the goodies inside, Figs & Rouge Lip Balm, Philip  B Styling Gel, Monu Professional Skincare Hand & Nail Cream, Caudalie Vinosource SOS Thirst-Quenching Serum & Inika Cosmetics Certified Organic Lip Liner.

Glossybox states that: “In a limited edition 100% biodegradable box bursting with ethical goodies, indulge in your beauty needs without battling your inner eco-warrior.”

My overall impression of this box so far (without having tested the products), is that again, it’s another half love/half dislike box. The lip balm and hand & nail cream are perfect for someone like me, who loves their everyday essentials! But as for the styling gel and the lip liner, I don’t generally use either of them, and have never thought about using them. However, I guess this is what Glossybox aims to do, to provide product samples which we would never dream of using, in order to expand our knowledge and maybe even discover our new favourite product. Some bloggers don’t see how ‘natural’ and ‘ecological’ this box is, but I believe it is, as all of the products are either organic, botanical or are deemed ‘good for the environment’.  It is again, down to personal taste which makes writing and reading these reviews much more exciting!

I would rate this box at 3 out of 5. It’s okay but most of the products are not to my liking. Who knows though, once I have tested them out, I might love them! I do love how Glossybox varies their editions up though, and I think a ‘Natural beauty’ box is a good idea for making Glossybox different to the other beauty box brands out there!

What are your thoughts on this month’s ‘organic’ Glossybox? Look out for product reviews in the next couple of weeks!

Ever wondered how my hair is so naturally wavy and curly – without the use of straighteners or a curling wand? Then look no further, as here is a review of one of my favourite must-have hassle-free products! Get curly and wavy hair with ease!

What is it?
According to Beauty Bay, Goldwell began in Germany in 1948 with one lotion which gave lasting hold and style to all hairstyles. Over the next 60 years, Goldwell has produced over 70 different hair products for all hair types.

This exclusive product which is only available in salons and on selected beauty and hair websites states:  “Instantly feel and see enhanced volume for fine to normal hair through the Volume System with Multi-Minerals combined with the Instant Microfluid Technology. Ultra-fine spray strengthens the hair and improves combability for visibly enhanced volume and a feeling of having ‘more’ hair.  Provides thermal protection.”

Why did you buy it?
Ever since I started college in 2008 I wanted curly hair, so I used my curling iron everyday – which took AGES to curl all of my hair. So when I ventured into the hairdressers one day, one of them kindly introduced me to Goldwell, a salon exclusive brand – and I have never looked back since!

The Ultra-Volume Leave-in Boost spray is a 150ml bottle, which costs between £7.50 to £9 depending on where you purchase it from and it is available from selected salons and online.  The product which is featured in this review was paid for by me.

How do you use it?
The instructions on the bottle state: “Spray onto towel-dried hair and comb through. Works instantly – do not rinse.”

I personally spray onto my towel-dried hair, and instead of combing through, I scrunch the sections of my hair which I sprayed up until they form bouncing curls or waves. I then apply hairspray to hold in place.

Here is what my hair looks like after I have used this product:

I cannot rate this product enough! As you can see it makes my hair super curly, and in some cases when I don’t put much in, it turns it wavy too! This product lasts on average about three months – which is amazing for the amount of spray I use (which is a lot!) At £9 – which is the price I pay for it in my local salon – it may be quite expensive but it’s well worth it if you’re like me, and you don’t like spending ages curling your hair! When I run out of this spray and I can’t purchase another one, I turn to VO5’s Give Me Texture Tousled Style Spray, which is a tad cheaper, and has a similar effect!

My rating (out of 5):

So there you go, I suggest you invest in this product now!
Would you buy this product? Are there any that you would recommend for me to try out?

On the hunt for a sticky but sweet lip-gloss to tantalize those taste buds of yours? Then look no further as designer beauty brand Lancôme’s ‘Juicy Tubes’ have come to the rescue!

My toffee flavoured Lancôme lip-gloss, which I received in this last month’s Glossybox.

What is it?

Lancôme is a massive beauty brand which hails from fashion capital, Paris, in France.  It was founded in 1935 and is a part of the Luxury Products division. It is also owned by another Parisian beauty company, L’Oreal.

The Glossybox website describes this product as: “A delicious, gourmet delight for your lips! This ultra-brilliant, flavoured gloss slicks on easily, thanks to its handy tube-tip applicator. Totally transparent shine, plus a hint of shimmering colour makes lips glisten for a glamorous lacquered effect.”

This lip-gloss also comes in nine other shades (I have the toffee shade):
lancome(Images  used for graphic sourced from here)

From L-R: 1. Sorbet de Framboise, 2. Sorbet de Cerise, 3. Fraise, 4. Melon, 5. Lychee, 6. Pêche, 7. Pamplemousse, 8. Caramel Gospel & 9. Strawberry Funk.

Why did you buy it?
I got this lip-gloss free in the Harrods edition of Glossybox last month.  The lip-gloss is priced at £15.50 for a 30ml tube (the sample size is 7ml) on the Harrods website and the official website.

How do you use it?

I glided the desired amount of lip-gloss across my lips, and voila, finished!

I have never tried a Lancôme product before – this is probably due to my poor bank balance! But I have to say I wasn’t really that impressed with this lip-gloss. The toffee flavour may be delicious and may taste great, but the gloss was too sticky for me, and it dried out my lips!

Moreover, the gloss didn’t last on my lips for a long period of time, but I guess that can be said for most lip-glosses. I think my expectations of a ‘high-end’ brand were too high when I tried out this product.

And finally, to say that I have tested Lancôme’s juicy tube for a week, there are still loads of lip-gloss left in the tube. This can be taken as a plus or a minus, but IMO I think I was just too lazy to reapply it; otherwise it probably would have gone in an instant! If you prefer taste over how long it lasts on your lips, then this product is for you.

My rating (out of 5):


What are your thoughts on Lancôme? Have you bought or tried any of their products? I would love to know your thoughts!


Better late than never! This month’s Glossybox finally arrived in the post today, and boy, it was worth the wait!


From Top to Bottom: Glossybox packaging, inside the box, ‘Vanitas’ by Versace perfume, Bliss Blood Orange and White Pepper Body Butter, Révive intensité crème lustre, Clarins Extra-Firming Body Cream and Lancôme Juicy Tubes in ‘Toffee’.

The anticipation was rife when rumours of what might be in this month’s ‘Mystery Box’ had been circulating all over the blogosphere in February. And when the first of many spoilers revealed that March’s edition was in fact a special Harrods beauty box, many bloggers couldn’t contain their excitement – including me! Luxury samples are what most of us paid for when we clicked the ‘subscribe’ button on the Glossybox website all those months ago, and this Harrods edition is perfect for those of us who are unsure whether to  ‘take the leap’ and buy an expensive product without having sampling it first.

So what’s my verdict? Well, most of these samples are ideal for what I am looking for in a beauty box – designer perfume, lip-gloss, body butter, intensive moisturiser and extra firming body cream all fit the bill perfectly. Let’s just hope I feel the same after I test and review them for you guys! I have to say, having had a whiff of the Versace perfume, I’m being won over already! It’s deliciously flowery and fresh! Who knows, it might replace my beloved Loverdose!

What are your thoughts on this month’s Glossybox?