California’s travel ban was a big mistake

Travel bans are often controversial.

However, the one that has taken root in the US for a year is the one announced on Monday that will impose a nationwide travel ban on people from the six Muslim-majority countries.

The move has already drawn fierce criticism, including from President Donald Trump, who said the ban would only “cause chaos”.

The ban was signed into law on March 2, but it is expected to be revised as part of the broader US president’s new executive order.

Trump said the order was needed to protect the US from terrorism and people who want to harm Americans, but also said it was necessary to protect American Muslims from those who wish to harm them.

The ban will affect about 5 million people in the United States.

However critics say the move could hurt those who live and work in the states.

The order, signed by Trump, also imposed a moratorium on refugees from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia and Sudan.

In addition, the order banned all refugees from Iran and Cuba, as well as those from Syria.

The US, which has a history of anti-Muslim sentiment, is one of only a few nations in the world that does not have a specific ban on entry for citizens from a Muslim-dominated country.

However the order is controversial not only in the West but also in the Muslim world, with many Muslims and human rights groups criticising the move.

Many are concerned that it will force millions of Muslims to leave their homes, but others say the ban will actually be a positive move for the United Nations.

In the United Arab Emirates, where the ban was first announced, officials told the BBC that they were “very, very pleased with this,” as it is “a positive step”.

Some have argued that the ban is “unjustified” and that it is likely to increase the number of Muslim refugees.

The UAE has welcomed the US travel ban and says it is the “right” decision, according to a tweet from the UAE’s Foreign Ministry.

“We support the decision of the United Kingdom and others who believe that our neighbours should not become an incubator for terrorism and extremism,” the statement read.

“And we are proud of the UAE as a beacon of democracy and human decency.”

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