What you need to know about the Utah travel restrictions

Travel restrictions for Utah have been in place since March and are expected to continue until early April, according to the Utah Department of Transportation.

Here are some of the major points:Passengers can only use public transportation between the Salt Lake City International Airport and Salt Lake County, and only during peak travel times.

Those traveling in and out of the airport and those traveling to and from Salt Lake city can take a bus or train, and all other public transportation must be reserved by calling 1-888-742-3340.

Travelers can’t use public transit between downtown Salt Lake and the city of Logan, and the two cities must be separated by one mile (1.2 kilometers) or less.

Drivers with a valid Utah driver’s license and permit can use public or private transportation in Salt Lake.

Public transit may not be reserved for those traveling in the state’s largest cities.

Driving restrictions are in effect for the entire state, except for Salt Lake’s cities of Logan and Provo, and for some parts of the county outside of those cities.

For more information, go to Utah’s website.

Read moreTravel restrictions have been enforced in Utah since March.

The department recommends people with medical or legal disabilities and/or limited mobility use public transport when traveling to Utah.

Anyone with a disability, who has a chronic health condition or a mobility issue, should consult with a doctor before traveling.

If you’re a resident of Utah, you can visit your state’s website for more information on travel restrictions.

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