A time travel story by Google, India

India has been experiencing a huge spike in the number of people attempting to travel back in time to prevent the country from becoming a nuclear war zone, with Google trying to track down those who try to break the rules.

India’s National Time-Traveling Committee, which advises the government on the best time-travel strategies, has released a report called “The Greatest Time Travel Story in History”.

In it, the committee outlines the top ten most likely ways to travel from the time of the Indian Independence Day in 1947 to the present.

It cites the popular belief that travelling back in the past could lead to a cure for cancer, for example, and the idea that “there are many, many possibilities for what we could achieve” in the near future.

However, Google says that it’s not a time travel website and cannot guarantee that anyone can travel back to any particular time.

Google says it does not “assume responsibility for any harm caused to anyone who uses our services”.

“The committee is aware of the fact that many people attempt to travel through time, which we do not endorse,” the company said.

“However, we have received numerous reports of people who have made mistakes that we have found to be completely avoidable.”

The committee also says that “some of the most important decisions made by the Indian government in the last 20 years, including the decision to create the Atomic Energy Commission, were based on time travel, and that the most common and obvious mistakes made were not taken to account”.

However, some time travellers say that while it’s understandable that Google could want to prevent dangerous scenarios from happening, they can’t predict which of the 100 most dangerous things that might happen during such a time-jump will be correct.

The committee points out that there is no evidence that time travel is inherently dangerous, and suggests that people should take the time to think about how they want to travel.

“Time travel is a technique of making a leap from one place to another, which is why the best way to learn about time travel and what to do with it is to make a conscious choice to do so,” it said.

“There is no reason to believe that a person would intentionally travel back and forth through time to do something they would regret later.” 

The report comes amid heightened scrutiny over the safety of the country’s nuclear power plants.

India’s nuclear reactors have been under fire since the country signed a nuclear deal with the US in 2019, but the country has since halted construction and is now relying on imported uranium to provide its electricity.

The National Time Traveling Committee says that the committee’s report shows the risks posed by such activities.

“We strongly believe that the risks of using time travel should be carefully considered, and any risks should be mitigated to the minimum possible,” the report said.

Google said it is “looking into the report and working with stakeholders to determine the appropriate action to take”.

“We are actively looking into the committee report, and will provide further comment when we have more information,” it added.

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