Why do Indian tourists hate India?

In an interview, Nalini Maitra, founder and CEO of the Indian travel advisory website Travel.com, said, “When tourists travel to India, they often do so with a sense of nostalgia and hope for the future.”

The website, which serves as a hub for Indian travel and tourism experts, lists 10 major travel destinations in India, and Maitras chief complaint is with the lack of diversity and cultural diversity in Indian destinations.

The site says the country has “a huge gap between the rich and the poor,” with “nearly 60% of Indians living in poverty,” which makes it difficult to get a good education, get a job, or even enjoy a decent standard of living.

In India, the average age of a farmer is 65, and nearly half of India’s children live in extreme poverty.

Many Indians are unhappy with the current economic situation and the government’s handling of the crisis.

Some also see the country’s economy as a basket case.

While many Indians are happy to have a good job, the country is in dire need of reforms to boost its stagnant economy, and the economic crisis has not alleviated that problem, according to Maitrs.

India is a place where “you can be poor, you can be rich and you can have a pretty good life,” she said.

Maitr’s website lists the 10 countries most likely to be hot spots for Indian tourists, with the most popular destinations for Indians.

The top five destinations are: India, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, and South Africa.

She also highlighted one of the most interesting and overlooked destinations in Asia, Indonesia, which she calls “the new Mecca.”

“Indonesia is the place where I am going to spend the rest of my life,” Maitreas said.

“It is a country where it is difficult to find a job or an education and it is a society that is deeply conservative.

I don’t want to be a part of that.”

Maitralas website also listed 10 other popular destinations in the Indian subcontinent, including Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bangladeshistan, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka.

While India has the highest number of people who visit the world’s poorest countries, it has also the highest unemployment rate.

“Indians do not have an income that is sufficient to support a family,” Mitterreas told The Huffington Post India.

“And that is the reason why many people are fleeing the country.”

Mitterres website lists some of the challenges and hardships that Indian tourists face in India.

In addition to the lack and corruption in Indian governments, “Indian tourists also face a high cost of living, poor quality of life, and lack of basic necessities like food, health care, and housing,” according to the website.

Mitterra also added that while Indian travelers can enjoy a variety of shopping and dining options, “many people do not get a chance to experience the food culture of a country that is so culturally diverse.”

Migrant workers in India are often excluded from their countries labor markets, which is often a result of the “Indian system of ‘non-reservation,'” Maitrum said.

She added that in India there is no minimum wage, and even those who earn the minimum wage cannot live in the country without working for their employer.

Many people in India who have been living in the United States for years have difficulty securing a job.

The visa requirements for visa-holders in the U.S. are often stricter than those in India because of India-specific regulations and the countrys labor laws, Maitram said.

While there are a lot of jobs available in the American labor market, Mitterr said, the number of jobs for Indians who are working in the global economy is lower than that of Americans.

“India has a long way to go,” Mietra said.

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