How to stay safe while traveling on a flight: An interactive guide

When you’re on a plane, you’re likely to feel like you’re in the middle of a fight.

You’re not alone.

But there are ways you can stay safe, like avoiding fights and staying calm, in this guide.

In short, it’s all about being aware of the people around you, your surroundings, and your surroundings’ needs.

For those of you who have never been on a trip, we’ve put together a quick primer that can help you prepare, as well as tips for staying safe while flying.

You can use this guide as a starting point for your own trip.

But if you want to learn more, there are plenty of resources available online.


Stay away from bars, theaters, and other crowded areas.

While we’re not sure how many bars and theaters are closed, this guide suggests you stay away from the following areas: Any type of restaurant.

Any type.

Any area with crowds.

Any crowd with people of different ages, genders, races, or other social standing.

It doesn’t matter if it’s just a group of people at a bar, or if it includes a large number of people.

You want to be prepared for any crowd.


If you need to take a bathroom break, take a shower.

If your bathroom breaks are too long, your bathroom might be too crowded.

The closest place to take your bathroom break is your cabin.

If the cabin is too crowded, you’ll be forced to leave.

And it’s not likely you’ll have a good chance of being able to return to your cabin during your trip.


Avoid crowded areas in the airport.

If there are lots of people milling around, the airport can feel a bit crowded.

You may not want to risk having a fight with strangers who have gathered around your cabin, and you’ll probably want to avoid any people who have already left your cabin or may be on their way.

Also, if you’re sitting in an area where people are crowding around your seats, it may be difficult to get a seat if the crowd is too large.

In general, you want your cabin to be at least a few rows up from the front of the plane, and a few seats up from other people.


Use public transportation.

If possible, avoid driving in crowded areas, unless you know that there are enough other people in your cabin who are willing to wait for you.

You’ll also want to check the time and location of the nearest transit stop, which can be found at the local bus station or the nearest metro station.

If available, try to get to a station with a train.

This may take longer than a taxi or ride-share.


Avoid standing on the escalators.

There are times when it can be difficult or impossible to get off the escalator when you need it.

When that’s the case, it can help to sit down on a chair or a stool next to someone who has a seat, rather than using the escalating system.


Avoid walking into crowds.

If someone else is waiting for you, try not to stare at them.

People are usually polite and considerate, so you’ll find it easier to be more respectful.


Try not to be too distracted.

Many people will take a moment to glance over your shoulder, but you don’t want to lose sight of what you’re doing.

Try to take care of your own business.

If that means taking a moment alone to do some reading, or playing a game of checkers, you may have the time to enjoy yourself.

If it means taking that time to take stock of the crowd around you—whether you have a seat in the front or not—you might want to make sure you can focus on that.


Keep an eye on your bags.

This is the biggest safety tip that this guide is missing.

When you pack, be mindful of how much you’re carrying.

If one of your bags is bigger than your bag, it means you’ll need to move it.

If two or more bags are larger than one, it suggests you might need to pack more.

And if one of them gets caught in a knot, or you’re not able to reach it quickly, you might want not to have it on the plane.

When your bags are on the ground, you need the least amount of space.


Be cautious about the security checkpoint.

This checkpoint is a good place to check in your bags and check out if there’s a problem.

If nothing is wrong, you can proceed to the next checkpoint and continue on.

If something is wrong—like a bag is too big, or someone has tried to get into your cabin—you may need to leave immediately.

If no one is in your cabins or you feel uncomfortable about being in a group, check out your cabin’s security perimeter.

It’s a good idea to take extra care to ensure you have

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