How to avoid going to McDonalds in South Carolina

If you’re a fan of the Big Mac and the KFC, you might want to avoid South Carolina this week.

A new study suggests McDonalds will be opening its first store in South Georgia, and there’s a lot to keep an eye on there.

The South Carolina Economic Development Commission’s study found McDonalds is currently planning to open a store in Georgia, which is in a different county than the one it currently serves.

That means McDonalds can open a restaurant on the south side of Atlanta if they want to, but it won’t open on the north side.

It will have to make a decision about where to locate on the map.

In order to get a better idea of what’s in store, we spoke with one of the study’s authors, Mark Zimbalist, about the store’s plans.

Zimbalism told Engadge that the store is in the planning stages.

We asked him to explain what the study means.

He said the study is about what a store is, what it looks like, what its footprint is, and how the location can affect traffic patterns.

There are lots of factors that affect traffic, but the most important factor is how many people use it, so that can help determine how a restaurant is able to attract a wide range of people, not just people who are trying to eat and drink, but people who want to come to the restaurant to get their fix, or people who work nearby.

In other words, if there are lots and lots of people going to the food court, then that’s going to have an impact on traffic patterns, he said.

And, that’s something that we’ll be looking at as we go forward.

The study was a bit of a surprise to some, as South Carolina is one of several states that have a restaurant-restaurant tax, which limits the number of restaurants and the number that can open on a given night.

It’s a local tax, and the state doesn’t have a federal tax on the same.

The tax is a way to pay for the development of new restaurants and to keep the tax revenue going, which helps to keep property taxes down.

The Tax Commission, which oversees the tax, does not collect the full amount from restaurants that open.

Instead, the study found that South Carolina’s tax on restaurants could be reduced by as much as 30 percent.

So restaurants in the state would only need to pay $3.75 million annually.

The study found the tax would also reduce parking costs, and would generate $1.5 million in additional revenue.

The Tax Commission’s review of South Carolina restaurant tax policies did not find any changes to the size of the tax or the percentage of the sales tax collected by restaurants.

But Zimball said the report could have a broader impact.

South Carolina has a tax on all of the food served in restaurants.

If they get a lot of people to come into restaurants, they’re going to increase the amount of food served.

But if the people come to restaurants to eat, then the amount that’s served increases.

The state has some of the most strict rules in the country, so there are a lot that could go wrong with this, and I don’t think they’re overly worried about that, he added.

South Carolinians can visit a restaurant without a tax for up to two hours.

And if the food was already purchased, it wouldn’t be taxed, which would allow restaurants to charge whatever they want.

If a restaurant doesn’t serve a particular type of food, it can still be taxed.

The tax can also be waived for up-close-and-personal meals, and a few of the restaurants in South Carolinia do.

South Georgia is a hotbed for the fast food industry, so if a restaurant wants to expand, they’ll need to open elsewhere.

Zambalist said the Tax Commission has already taken a look at opening restaurants in neighboring Georgia.

There’s a good chance it’ll decide to expand even farther south if the South Georgia tax is waived.

It’s hard to imagine a scenario where restaurants could open in South Alabama or Georgia, where a lot is already being built, so it’s not like we’re at a point where we’re not able to have a business in South Florida, he explained.

So, while it may seem a bit far-fetched, Zimba said there’s plenty of reason for optimism.

If you want to know more about South Carolina, Zima said the state’s Tax Commission is actively looking at the possibility of opening a new restaurant.

That could happen in the next few years, he told Engdge.

We’ll be reporting more on this story as it develops.

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