How to Make America Great Again

In 2018, we’re finally going to make America great again.

As it turns out, the first part is going to be much more difficult than the second part.

As we look ahead to the next five years, we’ll see that Donald Trump is going down for the count, the Republicans are going to lose their majority in Congress, and the Democrats are going down the tubes.

We’re going to see a massive, sustained downward spiral.

And it will be a period of enormous suffering for Americans, for our economy, and for the rest of the world.

I want to make sure that Americans understand the nature of this transition, so that we can begin to rebuild.

I don’t want to hear any more pessimism.

We’ve got to do something.

This is the right time to do it.

Let’s get it done.

And I want everybody here, all of you, to hear me say it.

We have a choice.

We can continue to wait and see how this plays out, or we can go forward.

There is no reason for us to wait.

We know what we need to do to make our country great again, and we know what is at stake here.

This isn’t about a simple question of policy or politics or ideology.

It’s about how we create the conditions that will lead us back to greatness.

Let me say one thing that is important to say.

As I said in my inaugural address, our country is in serious trouble.

In 2017, it had more crime, more unemployment, more poverty, more inequality than any other nation on Earth.

And we have seen an unprecedented level of immigration.

It is not just that immigrants are bringing crime, but that they are bringing more crime than ever before.

In 2018 alone, there were 1.4 million new immigrants.

We saw a record of more than 300,000 murders in the United States in 2017.

We also saw the number of people incarcerated at the highest level in more than two decades.

Our prisons are bursting at the seams.

The incarceration rate is higher than at any time in modern American history.

And as you know, this past year alone, we saw more than 10,000 arrests, more than 2,000 convictions for gun possession, more people killed in traffic accidents, more arrests for drugs than any year since 1966, more murders in New York City than in the whole of the last decade.

These are some of the starkest statistics in American history, and yet we’ve been slow to act.

We are seeing a series of horrific, unspeakable acts of violence, and our nation’s moral compass has been shaken.

It has been shattered.

But it will not stop here.

I am here to tell you, our fight against crime is not over.

We cannot allow our criminal justice system to become an institution that is used to locking up millions of people.

We need a system that focuses on the most serious crimes, and that focuses solely on violent offenders.

We must end the use of mandatory minimum sentencing for low-level drug offenses, and put the death penalty on the table.

We will never have a country that is truly safe unless our police officers are treated with the highest standards of fairness and respect.

And so we must build on the progress that has already been made, to make it even more clear that we will not tolerate this kind of lawlessness, nor will we tolerate this type of disrespect for the rule of law, nor can we tolerate the abuse of power that has taken root in our country.

So this is my message to you.

This must be our moment, this is our opportunity.

This cannot happen by itself.

It cannot be done by itself, by itself by itself without the participation of the American people, unless we get it right.

This has to be our year, and it has to happen by January 20th, 2019.

And for that reason, let me make two promises to you: The first is to make certain that our border is secure.

Our country is more secure today than it has ever been before.

It was already secure in 2015, when we had an enormous surge of illegal immigration.

I’ve been a strong proponent of immigration enforcement, and I’ll do everything I can to make the Border Patrol safer.

But there is no way to do this without a major overhaul of our immigration system.

We just finished a massive overhaul of the border, with a plan that would make it much, much easier to get to our southern border.

That plan includes a series, two steps, that will make it far more difficult to smuggle drugs across the southern border than it is today.

It includes measures to increase border security beyond what we’ve seen in recent years.

And in a number of cases, the measures we’re taking to make this happen, such as the enhanced use of biometric technology, would make the border more secure.

So there is a lot that is in place that we’re going, by and large, to be able to secure.

And, you know

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