How to avoid the travel restrictions in Chicago

In the midst of the terror attack, which claimed the lives of eight people and injured more than a hundred, a city official has proposed banning people from travelling to Chicago.

“This is not a temporary restriction,” Mayor Rahm Emanuel told reporters in the aftermath of the attack.

“It’s a permanent ban on all persons coming into Chicago.” 

The announcement came after Emanuel met with state, local and federal officials in Chicago. 

“The people of Chicago deserve better,” he said. 

 “I know there’s a lot of anger and frustration but I want to be clear, this is not an emergency.

This is a permanent prohibition,” Emanuel added. 

The mayor’s proposal comes after the city imposed travel restrictions after the June 13, 2016, shooting at a Black Lives Matter protest that left eight people dead. 

Officials say more than half a million people have already been affected by the restrictions. 

A spokesperson for the state Department of Transportation (DOT) said that the restrictions will not be effective immediately and will remain in place until the governor decides on their implementation. 

DOT has also issued an order blocking people from leaving the city without a valid reason.

“I want to say, folks, this city is not going to be an easy place to live,” Emanuel said.

“But it’s not going away, folks.” 

While Chicago’s restrictions are the second most restrictive in the US, the city’s approach is not without its critics. 

Some people argue the restrictions are ineffective and a distraction from the ongoing efforts to address the citys violent crime crisis. 

Others argue that the ban is ineffective because it does not affect the flow of goods and people. 

Other critics say that the move is a way to further restrict people’s ability to travel to and from the city. 

Chicago has the second highest murder rate in the country and many believe the city should not be the focus of a ban. 

Meanwhile, officials in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco have announced bans on certain people from entering the city after the attacks. 

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