How the media is using Trump’s travel ban to sell it

A recent analysis by a leading travel agency shows that the Trump administration is using travel bans that ban people from seven predominantly Muslim countries to sell its new travel restrictions.

The study, released Thursday by travel agency Expedia, found that the travel bans are “focusing the narrative of the travel ban, which is an effort to put a positive spin on it,” said Joe Heimlich, the director of international travel at Expedia.

“The reality is that there are thousands of people in the world who have traveled to these countries and have been impacted by the ban.”

A recent report from the New York Times said the travel restrictions are “in the middle of a global crackdown on the use of social media to spread extremist propaganda.”

The report also found that Trump’s first executive order in January, which temporarily banned travelers from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, had generated more than 3 million Facebook posts and 11,000 Twitter mentions.

The ban also triggered hundreds of lawsuits, a court ruling, protests and boycotts.

But the study by Expedia found that while travel restrictions can hurt the economy and hurt people’s ability to travel, the media are using them to sell travel bans.

Expedia said that “the focus of travel ban sales is to sell the idea that people from those countries are coming to America and trying to come here to kill us.”

“This is a propaganda campaign,” Heimliches said.

“It’s very successful, in the long run.”

The Expedia study said that by October 2017, when the Trump travel ban was announced, the first four days of travel were the most active period on the social media platform for people from countries targeted by the travel orders.

“This was a really big, huge success story,” Heimbich said.

Expanded travel restrictions, particularly for refugees and other immigrants, have also been an issue for Trump.

Trump and his administration have said the policies will help secure the country from terrorism.

They have also said they will work to reduce the numbers of refugees entering the U.S. The president has said he would like to see a number of countries that have been part of the European Union or NATO countries in the U.

“Heimiches said the fact that the study was released at this time, the second week of the new restrictions, shows that Trump is trying to sell his travel bans as being more about protecting the U to the American people.

He added that the media’s focus on travel is not helping with the “solution.” “

We have an entire media and a whole political culture that thinks this is about safety and national security,” he said.

He added that the media’s focus on travel is not helping with the “solution.”

“The policy has been designed to be a distraction from the fact of the policies being implemented and the fact the policies are being enforced.”

The travel ban in the meantime, Heim said, is “still in the works” and “will likely be implemented this summer.”

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