How much money does a German travel nurse make?

Travel nurses are the backbone of the nursing profession.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, they earn about $60,000 per year.

The American Association of Travel Nurses estimates that their average annual salary is $85,000.

And if you include the $20,000 they make per year from a union, that’s a total of $170,000 in yearly compensation.

And those are the median salaries of travel nurses.

The average salary of a travel nurse in Germany is roughly $85k.

If you take the median salary of nurses in the US at the same point in time and look at the median number of years that nurses work, they make $155k per year, which is slightly more than the median wage for travel nurses in Germany.

And when you factor in that they get paid on average twice as much as nurses in other countries, that makes Germany’s travel nurses the highest-paid in the world.

And the paychecks of the German nurses, if you’re interested in how much they make, is pretty good, too.

The German nurses who work in hospitals and nursing homes earn about 40% of what American nurses make, according to the Institute for Healthcare Informatics at Germany’s Bundesnachrichtendienst (BNE).

The BNE defines a nurse as someone who works for a health care provider for six months or more.

This includes those working for a primary care provider, such as a physician, dentist, or nurse practitioner.

They also include those working as consultants and home-care workers.

But the BNE doesn’t differentiate between those who work as consultants, home-counselors, and those who are working in the hospital as nurses.

And while these nurses may have less pay than American nurses, the BLE’s statistics indicate that they make more money.

A nurse working in a primary-care facility in the Netherlands earned approximately $90,000 a year, according the BNP.

The BNP’s definition of “primary care facility” includes hospital beds, surgical suites, and other equipment.

These nurses also get more money per hour worked, according a study published in January 2018 by the Institute of Medicine in the United States.

The study estimated that the average nurse in the U.S. earns $86,000 annually.

The nurses who make more than that average salary are also more likely to be employed in primary care facilities and have more experience, as well as higher levels of education, than other nurses.

These are the same types of characteristics that a German nursing home worker may have, according in the study.

The difference is that German nurses are more likely than American workers to have higher education and experience.

That is, they are more experienced in their jobs.

And because of this, German nurses make more, too, according for example to a study by the BNI.

The median wage of a German nurse is $75,000, according data from the German Ministry of Labor and Employment.

But this figure includes only nurses who are employed in the primary care sector.

It doesn’t include those who were not working in primary- care settings, such an inpatient nurse, a nurse in a home-health service, or a nursing home nurse.

So, for example, if a German woman were working in nursing homes, the median pay would be slightly lower than the average American worker’s wage.

That means that a nurse working for the home health agency in Germany makes $50,000 less per year than a nurse who works in a traditional nursing home.

And this is only if you look at salaries in Germany as a whole, because many other countries have lower median wages than Germany.

In 2018, a German working nurse in an in-patient nursing home earned $63,000—that’s less than $30,000 more than a typical American nurse.

In 2017, a European nurse working at a home health-care service earned $70,000 ($36,000 after taxes).

That’s still more than twice as high as the median American nurse’s salary.

And, again, these are only median salaries.

It’s not even the same as what an American nurse would earn.

An American nurse working full time, at an in person home, earns $100,000 compared to a German earning $90.00 per year on average.

So even if you compare the average wages of a nurse from the U-S.

and Germany, you still wouldn’t see the same number of German nurses.

Instead, you’d see the exact same number working in their respective industries.

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