Google and Facebook’s travel guitar deal gets a lot of attention – FT

Google and Twitter are set to unveil a deal that will allow travel-related advertisers to reach users across the world through their own online video ads.

Advertisers on both sides of the Atlantic have been looking for ways to reach the travel-focused population, which accounts for more than half of internet users.

But both Facebook and Google have been pushing for a deal in recent months, which they hope will give advertisers greater control over the way their ads are displayed.

Google’s deal with Twitter is one of the largest deals in the industry, as it aims to reach a global audience of more than 150 million people via the social network’s video ad platform.

Facebook is also looking to reach more users through its video ads, with the deal with YouTube.

Both of these deals are part of a larger move to take video advertising to the masses.

Google has already rolled out its video ad offering across the globe, including in the US, UK and China.

But in a move that could be seen as a move towards the mainstream, Google is also developing a new feature called “Google Plus” that allows users to create and share videos directly from the Google video app.

This feature is part of Google Plus, which is also called YouTube Plus and is an attempt to connect more users with YouTube, Google’s video-sharing platform.

Google is also experimenting with ways to increase its reach beyond its own video ads in an effort to boost the reach of its video content.

“YouTube is a platform that is very powerful and can be incredibly effective at driving traffic to a website or to a video, and Google is working hard to increase that reach and to help people understand how it works,” said John Doerr, an analyst with the technology research firm Forrester.

Google and Facebook are also in talks to make videos available in native languages for their users in the future.

Google’s partnership with Google Plus also includes an option to embed Google video ads on YouTube videos, but the deal is set to be rolled out over the next two years.

Google says the partnership will allow the company to expand its video reach into other markets, including more than 20 languages, where Google video is already available.

In its announcement of the deal, Google said that it would “make sure all of our ads are served in Google Plus” to reach all users.

Google said that the YouTube Plus partnership will provide advertisers with more choices for video advertising, and will allow them to serve videos in their native languages.

“This new YouTube Plus ad platform will help advertisers target audiences in other markets where YouTube is already a dominant video platform,” Google said.

YouTube has also recently introduced native ads for search results in many markets, which are currently in English only.

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