Okay so it’s been a while on the ‘fashion intern’ front, but I am happy to report that last weekend I was a dresser for London Fashion Weekend!


It might be a far cry from the world of print and PR (I helped with LFW prep at Whitehair Co earlier this month), but this internship allowed me to see the ‘other side’ of fashion. From having a close encounter with the amazing Giles Deacon and the inspirational Hilary Alexander, to seeing the production of several designer and trend shows, needless to say I had an awesome time!

Our role for the day was to steam our model’s clothes, dress them and assist the stylists when they needed our help. It was such a different environment from the ‘newsroom’, and I learnt a lot about what happens ‘behind the scenes’. I would definitely do it again, and hopefully next season I can work with a designer on their show during Fashion Week!


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