inecto coconut and vanilla hand and nail cream 99p for 75ml

DO cheap hand creams do the job? The Live Scene finds out…

What is it?
Inecto is a company which specialises in using pure coconut oil to help revitalise dry skin and hair.

On the packaging Inecto states that this hand and nail cream: “contains 100% pure coconut oil infused with a warm velvety vanilla fragrance to help soften and nourish dry hands.”

Why did you buy it?
I was shopping one day and needed hand cream so I bought it from a Bodycare store. Even though this is a limited edition product it is available from Pak Cosmetics.

How do you use it?
Massage onto hands and nails as often as required. I tested it for a week to see the effects and in order to give it a ‘proper’ review.

Even though this hand cream smells divine, I had to keep reapplying the cream as my skin kept drying up. I do sometimes suffer from dry skin on my hands so I moisturise them everyday to keep them smooth. This product unfortunately didn’t really work for me because as soon as I applied the cream, within a short amount of time my skin was dry – which is not something I have experienced before using hand creams. To say it’s 99p, I didn’t really expect much quality, but I would have thought it would keep my hands nourished for longer than fifteen minutes!

My rating (out of five):
Can anyone recommend me any good hand creams?


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