accessorize printed ear buds £10

AS a girl who’s always on the go – I spend most of my life on trains than anywhere else – music and of course headphones are my saviour. So when the lovely Siobhan from Arena Media contacted me to ask if I wanted to review a pair from Three to use with my mobile phone, I couldn’t say yes fast enough!

For those of you like me, who don’t have the luxury of owning an iPhone, we sort of feel left out of the ‘pimp my phone’ club. But alas our prayers have been answered with accessories such as these cute floral headphones being available.

The print is so pretty, and is perfect for girly girls like me! Although I am not a big fan of jelly buds – they always fall out of my ears – this amazing Accessorize pair just slots in nicely and most important stays in my ears.

I would definitely recommend them to everyone – even you lucky iPhone owners! 

What phone accessories do you own?


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