FROM bustling street life to long winding sandy beaches, Thailand has it all!

Picture yourself in your Swimwear365 animal mesh swimsuit strolling along Phuket’s famous Patong Beach, the quiet breeze flowing through your hair, and the 29 degree heat giving your skin a glistening and golden tan.

Sounds amazing doesn’t it? And a tan isn’t just what this dreamy destination can offer you! Once you’re all tanned out, head to the Barefoot Beach Shack, an unusual shabby chic restaurant which offers a tasty tuna salad for 120 baht or a club sandwich for 180 baht. You can store your Thai currency in this perfect Joe Browns multi-coloured beaded purse!

Of course, a trip to Thailand isn’t complete without checking out the local history. Head over to Bangkok’s old city, Rattanakosin, to see the ancient temples, palaces and pavilions. Slip on this gorgeous Joe Browns longline Cornelli top over your swimsuit to ooze sophisticated chic.

Before you head back to rainy England, make sure you sample Thailand’s nightlife! Some famous bars include Famous, Seduction and The Factory in Patong. Just don’t forget your straw hat and L’Oreal Milk spray mist!


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(graphic copyright to me)

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