With today being Halloween, what better gift to ‘spook out all your family and friends’, than these gorgeous glow in the dark roses?!

Glow in the dark roses you ask? Yes, you read that right!  When Andy from Interflora, a flower arrangement company based in Lincolnshire contacted me to ask if I wanted to review this intriguing gift, I jumped at the chance!

Interflora is a flower company which aims to help you celebrate special occasions with by offering a fresh selection of beautiful flowers From bridal to birthdays, they cater for everyone! And these limited edition glow in the dark roses are the perfect present to surprise a friend or loved one with!

By day these flowers are a delicious vanilla colour, and by night they glow a luminous green! I personally love them! They have lasted for ages – I received them two weeks ago – and they are still going strong! I also gave them to my best friend as an early Christmas present, and she loved them!

Overall, it’s a shame that these were limited edition, and if they were available for Christmas, I would have certainly purchased some!

What do you think about these amazing flowers? Are they a trick or treat?

[Disclaimer: My view on this product is 100% honest, if I wasn’t happy then I wouldn’t rave about it!]

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