‘Saturday’s Shoes’ is a new short feature which simply does what it says on the tin! (Or should I say ‘shoebox’?) Every week I shall post one pair from my shoe collection and write about them – think of it as a ‘shoe review’! Enjoy!


sas2sat3The ‘studded’ look is everywhere at the moment – with top retail outlets such as Missguided, Urban Outfitters and of course Toppers including this trend into their high street collections! So when I spotted these Crafted studded slipper pumps in Republic a few months back, I KNEW that I had to have them!

I have to say that these shoes are really comfy – although I do have to wear insoles due to them not fitting my feet properly! I’m usually a size 3, and these are a 3, but for some reason, they are a tiny bit big for my small feet!  (What a mouthful, I know!) However, they are perfect for work, and practically go with anything!

Do you have any studded shoes? What are your thoughts on the ‘stud’ trend?

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