It seemed like only yesterday, when I nervously walked through those Blue Fin revolving doors, for my first day at Look Magazine. Oh how it all changes in two months! Here is a quick post to catch you all up on what’s happened since I relocated back up t’North!

From Left to Right: Goodbye Look fashion cupboard!, Farewell drinks at Leicester Square, Nibbles at Las Iguana, Monkey face, Tempura Prawns, Yo Sushi!, Betting on the Euro England v Italy game, Girls night out, Italian dessert with the work girls, moving out of my uni flat, Moka with the boyf, Ron pretending his The Lion King, me, me & Ali & Anniversary chocolates.

I have pretty much been working non-stop since I came back from Ipswich/London, and with this and moving out of my flat into a new house, things have been so hectic – hence my lack of posts!  I have plenty of post/feature ideas up my sleeve but I just need to write them, some of them include an internship summary, the intern’s survival guide and I also have plenty of my regular features to post too, so look out for them! Today is my day off so I’m catching up with emails, this blog and doing house chores – yaaaay! Hope you guys are having a good summer so far and thank you for sticking around after my short hiatus!

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