Dear Diary;

Yesterday was my first day as a fashion intern at one of the best-selling weekly fashion magazines in the country. Here is how my day went…





From Top to Bottom: Crop leather jacket – H&M Kids, Gold Elephant Necklace – REPUBLIC, Blue and Lace Skater Dress – H&M, Tights – REPUBLIC, Leopard Print Boots – TOPSHOP & Poses – Modelling 101

I imagined my first day to be that of Ugly Betty – to walk into those revolving doors at Blue Fin building and fall flat on my face, to turn up looking like Hurricane Fashion Faux Pas had arrived, and finally, not ‘LOOK’ like I should be there. Thus I would be Britain’s equivalent of Betty Suarez. For those unfamiliar with Ugly Betty, it’s an American TV show about a girl from Queens who works at coveted fashion bible; Mode Magazine. Me and Betty are similar on many levels, but I’ll leave it up to you to make the comparisons. (Hint: It’s not just our coloured specs which we have in common!)

Anyway, despite my initial fears – I did embarrass myself in front of the security guard, thinking that my visitors pass would allow me to swipe and enter (apparently you just had to show him it), and I ended up holding up the staff walking through (cue Ugly Betty moment) – I had an amazing first day there!

It was hectic, like you would expect, but the tasks that we had to do (return clothes and call PRs for prices) were fun, and it was empowering to feel that I was a part of my favourite fashion magazine.

Despite the early mornings, and hours of travelling, I have so far enjoyed my time there, and I CANNOT wait for the next set of tasks we have to do!

Many people have asked me: is it worth the £622.90 railcard, living down south and leaving the house at 6.50am to arrive back at 8pm?

If it was based on my first day, then yes. It’s worth every penny.  

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