The Live Scene is finally a year old – yay! Here is little post about the blog’s past, present and future…

Originally The Live Scene was believe it or not, a music blog! But due to my growing love of fashion, and my dream to work in the fashion journalism industry, I decided to swap ships and set sail down this route, and it’s safe to say that I haven’t looked back since!

After a slow start – it’s hard running a fashion blog on a community which isn’t Blogger –  The Live Scene has gradually gained followers and viewers, which couldn’t have been done with you guys reading and supporting me! At the moment with university, posts have been quite slow but when assignments are out of the way I can get back to doing my favourite hobby!

Hopefully The Live Scene will continue to be fashion and beauty feature-based, but I also hope to incorporate more new features and even style posts! So make sure you look out for my Look Magazine Intern diary in the next couple of weeks, featuring daily outfits, and what an intern really gets up to in the busy world of fashion! This blog is just the beginning of my journey to be a fashion journalist, so stay tuned and enjoy this long and exciting journey with me!

(Image sourced from Omer Wazir)

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