Earlier this week I went to Liverpool for the day, for mine and Ali’s one year anniversary – it’s come so quick! Here is what we got up to!

From L-R: Rail ticket, Mahoosive bouquet of flowers and a card (isn’t he sweet?), some sushi, sushi demolished, Red Hot Buffet (UK’s best buffet IMO) & cinema ticket to see 21 Jump Street.

Wednesday was the perfect day – soppy I know – but we had a lovely time scoffing sushi and watching 21 Jump Street!  If you haven’t watched 21 Jump Street yet, I suggest you go and see it! It’s so hilarious and any film with Jonah Hill in is always brilliant in my books!

In the meantime, this week has been so hectic! I went back home on Monday to see my girls for a night out in Shakey Wakey (otherwise known as Wakefield.) It was really nice to see them and have a little catch up. Hopefully, if I’m not working too much, I’ll be coming back soon so I can see them all and chat to them properly! Today I’m working (thank God for double pay), and this weekend is going to consist of chilling out and getting a head start on my assignments.

What are your Easter weekend plans?

Ps. The Live Scene has a new header (a bright and colourful one this time), and I have changed my signature into a nicer font! Hope you like!

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