On the hunt for a sticky but sweet lip-gloss to tantalize those taste buds of yours? Then look no further as designer beauty brand Lancôme’s ‘Juicy Tubes’ have come to the rescue!

My toffee flavoured Lancôme lip-gloss, which I received in this last month’s Glossybox.

What is it?

Lancôme is a massive beauty brand which hails from fashion capital, Paris, in France.  It was founded in 1935 and is a part of the Luxury Products division. It is also owned by another Parisian beauty company, L’Oreal.

The Glossybox website describes this product as: “A delicious, gourmet delight for your lips! This ultra-brilliant, flavoured gloss slicks on easily, thanks to its handy tube-tip applicator. Totally transparent shine, plus a hint of shimmering colour makes lips glisten for a glamorous lacquered effect.”

This lip-gloss also comes in nine other shades (I have the toffee shade):
lancome(Images  used for graphic sourced from here)

From L-R: 1. Sorbet de Framboise, 2. Sorbet de Cerise, 3. Fraise, 4. Melon, 5. Lychee, 6. Pêche, 7. Pamplemousse, 8. Caramel Gospel & 9. Strawberry Funk.

Why did you buy it?
I got this lip-gloss free in the Harrods edition of Glossybox last month.  The lip-gloss is priced at £15.50 for a 30ml tube (the sample size is 7ml) on the Harrods website and the official website.

How do you use it?

I glided the desired amount of lip-gloss across my lips, and voila, finished!

I have never tried a Lancôme product before – this is probably due to my poor bank balance! But I have to say I wasn’t really that impressed with this lip-gloss. The toffee flavour may be delicious and may taste great, but the gloss was too sticky for me, and it dried out my lips!

Moreover, the gloss didn’t last on my lips for a long period of time, but I guess that can be said for most lip-glosses. I think my expectations of a ‘high-end’ brand were too high when I tried out this product.

And finally, to say that I have tested Lancôme’s juicy tube for a week, there are still loads of lip-gloss left in the tube. This can be taken as a plus or a minus, but IMO I think I was just too lazy to reapply it; otherwise it probably would have gone in an instant! If you prefer taste over how long it lasts on your lips, then this product is for you.

My rating (out of 5):


What are your thoughts on Lancôme? Have you bought or tried any of their products? I would love to know your thoughts!

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