Earlier this week, me and Ali went to Blackpool for the day to take advantage of the hot weather! Here is a little post on what we got up to!From L-R: Blackpool Central Pier, Picnic on the beach, Horse riding in the sea, names in the sand, me & Ali, pouty faces, where the tide came in (and our feet!), Ali paddling in the sea, beautiful beach, shell collecting, me paddling, Ali and me motorbike racing in the arcades, Ali playing football & Nandos.

There are no words to describe the weather this week – apart from AMAZING! So when me and Ali finished uni and work for the day, we decided to hop on the train to Blackpool for a romantic picnic, arcade games, oh – and a Nandos! I had a lovely time and even though I didn’t get a tan (Ali got one – jealous!), it was nice to get away from Preston and assignments for a while! We broke up this week for the Easter holidays, so we’re hoping to chill out and enjoy the free time we have before exams and even more assignments in May! Let’s hope this hot weather continues!

How have you enjoyed the hot weather this week?

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