These past few weeks have been so crazy, so I thought that I should post a few pictures of what I have been up to! Enjoy!

From L-R: O1. Vegetable Fried Rice, O2. Valentine’s Day gifts, O3. Valentine’s Day Meal, O4. February’s Glossybox, O4. Five ‘Daily Mail’ newspapers for an assignment, O5. Smallville Season 5 box set, O6. Yo! Sushi Blue Mondays, O7. Catching up on the glossies, O8. Work (my Republic ID tag), O9. Law books for an assignment, O10. Me & Ali, O11. Night out with friends, O12. Me before the night out, O13. A ‘Source’ lunch with Ali & O14. My new haircut.

Work, work, work
I have been overwhelmed with assignments and shifts at work these past few weeks – hence the small hiatus on The Live Scene. But fear not, as I am back this week in full force with plenty of post ideas (I need to stop procrastinating by watching Smallville and start writing) so don’t forget about me just yet!

Summer is coming
Preston is having summery weather for a change, and this is making me oh-so-excited for my holiday in September with Ali! If you follow me on Twitter, then you might know that I’m going to Malta for the week. We are staying in a 5* hotel free of charge c/o of Ali’s nan and granddad – how nice! My late grandma used to go to Malta all the time for her holidays and would bring me back lots of little Maltese treasures, so it’s nice that I’m going to the same place, despite not being able to share the experience with her.

I have a few assignments due in the next couple of weeks but I will try and post more, I promise! What have you guys been up to recently?

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