From Catwalk to High Street is back! And what better way to kick off 2012 in savvy-style than to dedicate the first 2012 feature to French fashion-house Balmain!

Balmain is one of my favourite fashion houses because their look is so edgy and so ‘me’. So it comes to no surprise that I had to dedicate this feature on such an iconic Parisian design team! The three key trends which were showcased in Balmain’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection were leather, embellishments and crisp, detailed shirts. Another one could be the flood of denim, note the trousers below!

balmain(Images used in this graphic are from here)

You can view a video of Balmain’s Spring/Summer 2012 show below:

(Video was taken by FataleFashion)

The look below was chosen because it was one of my personal favourites from the S/S 2012 collection – it incorporates shorts (most of you may know that I live in shorts and tights), as well as showcasing the huge trend of embellishment.  As always, I aim to provide a designer look-for-less and I hope that this one doesn’t disappoint!

(Catwalk image from here)

Black Scallop Top, £16, River Island – This scallop top is plain and simple – which is all you need as in this outfit your embellished shorts will do the talking! At a fairly priced £16 (which isn’t bad for River), this top is a great investment piece for both a casual day time lunch and on a night out with the girls!

Gold Basket Weave Shank Buttons, £1.01 for 4, Sew Essential – As you can see the scallop top above doesn’t have any simple embellishment down the side, and seeing as this is From Catwalk to High Street I just HAD to add these gold basket weave shank buttons into the mix! For only £2.02 (for 8 which is just the perfect amount) you can customise your £16 River Island number into a £££ blinged-up Balmain designer top!

Cream Embellished Shorts, £25, Topshop – These Topshop shorts were the closest product I could find which are similar to Balmain’s high-waisted number! They are currently on sale for £25, and the last time I looked they only had a few left so you better be quick if you want to snap this baby up!

Black and Gold Metal Bracelet Pack, £10, ASOS – This outfit does not need much accessorising as you have the focus on the embellishment. But these bracelets will finish the look off nicely, and if you can afford to fork out another £10 for another set of bracelets, you could tie the bangles up and create your own cuffs –à la Balmain!

Albi Mid Ankle Boots, £78, Topshop – Finally, these sexy Topshop black ankle boots are a perfect match to end this From Catwalk to High Street Balmain special! At £78 they are a tad pricey, but the heel will lengthen those luscious legs of yours (especially if you’re a shorty like me), and the shoe will allow focus to be drawn to the embellished top and shorts.

That’s my take on Balmain. What are your thoughts about their Spring/Summer 2012 collection?

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