Here is a short post about what I got this Christmas Day!

Many bloggers have featured this post for as long as the blogging world can remember, so here are my two cents on the subject.

Close Call
I only just managed to come home for Christmas this year, due to shifts at work. But thanks to Republic and a little shift swapping, I did not endure a lonely Christmas Day in my Prestonian flat, instead I got to spend one of the best days in the year with my family, yay!

So down to what I received. For those of you who have read my Christmas Wishlist post at the end of last month, you will see that my boyfriend and my family have taken note, and I got some of the things that I wanted!

Below are some of the things I received:

As you can see I got my Diesel Loverdose perfume, which I have been lusting after since September! My boyfriend also bought me a Models Own goodie bag from when we were at the Clothes Show Live. Despite me being with him when he bought it, I had to wait until today to get it! Ali was also too kind to buy me some luscious Thornton’s chocolate, a set of three vintage canvases, and his family bought me a lovely Union Jack hold-all which was really kind of them! To top this Christmas off, my dad gave me some money (which for all uni students’s, is a God-send!) Overall, I am so happy with what I received, I couldn’t have asked for a better family and a better boyfriend (soppy, I know!)

I am now going to use my new found soppiness and indulge in some delicious Christmas chocolate, before I stuff myself silly with Christmas dinner!

I hope you all had a good Christmas wherever you are! What did you guys receive for Christmas? If you made a wishlist, did you get some of the things that were on it?

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