Glossybox is a UK company which specialises in tracking beauty trends, and provides free samples for people to test out each month, for a small price. Here is a little feature about them, as well as my thoughts on October’s ‘Glossybox’.

Glossybox provides a simple service where you subscribe for £10 a month, to test out all the latest beauty products picked especially for you, by their team of beauty experts. Every subscriber receives five gifts, which ranges from skincare, make-up, perfume and hair care products.  Despite most of items being ‘testers’, you sometimes get the full packaged product – which, if you compare it to its original price, is amazing value for money!

Currently, the Glossybox  team only delivers to the UK and Ireland; however, for some of you American readers out there, they will be a exclusively for you! In the meantime you can order a Birch Box to fulfil your beauty testing needs! And don’t think I’m forgetting about you male readers out there too! You guys can register for a quarterly box which is packed with SEVEN products – yes that’s right seven – to meet your grooming needs!

Once you’ve subscribed, you can fill in a beauty profile, which asks you several questions; from your skin type, to what make-up you use, as well as questions about your hair and what perfume scents you like.

You will then receive your Glossybox every month, and get the chance to test and review your goodies! You earn 20 ‘glossydots’ for every product survey you fill in, and when you reach 1000, your next Glossybox will be free!

October’s Glossybox
My first Glossybox arrived this month, and was filled with a whopping SIX products! Despite the extra freebie, I had mixed reviews about what I received:

O1. Leighton Denny Expert Nails Colour & Care in Do Me a Flavour – When I first glanced at this nail polish I absolutely loved the colour, and the fact it was also a full bottle (which was worth £11!) However, after testing this product out for This Week’s Nails, I wasn’t impressed that the polish had chipped within two days of me applying it! However, the polish did dry quickly and I only had to put two coats on!

The Robert Piguet samples I received.

O2. Robert Piguet Eau De Parfums – After reading past blogger’s beauty box reviews, I was expecting some perfume samples to be included in this month’s Glossybox. So it came to no surprise when I saw these samples by Robert Piguet in a cute sheer pink bag. The first scent I smelled was Fracas, which said to have contained ‘tuberose combined with jasmine, jonquil gardenia, lily of the valley and iris’ in its perfume. Unfortunately, the smell was not to my liking – it was too ‘strong’ and reminded me of my grandma! Next to bite the bullet was Visa, this bottle contained ‘white vineyard peach, pear, violet leaves, bergamot and yellow mandarin’. Again, this perfume was ‘strong’ like Fracas, however it reminded me of something you will find in The Body Shop’s butter lotions. I preferred this scent to Fracas, but unfortunately it’s not for me! Last but not least was Calypso. The tester described it as: ‘bewitching and romantic, Calypso is a mesmerizing mix of fiery and lush floral facets’.  And after testing it, I have to agree with the description! Out of all three perfumes, I definitely liked this one! It smells quite sweet, and despite it being my favourite out of the three I was given, I probably wouldn’t buy it.

O3. Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof eyeliner in Moray – My first reaction to this product was ‘green, really?’ I’m usually a black eyeliner sort of girl, and I usually just stick with that colour when doing my make-up, so using this eyeliner was a change for me. The eyeliner was easy to use, and smudge (which is what it’s for) and I got the full product, which is worth £13! Thanks Glossybox! However, despite the easy application, the colour is not for me (I even wore a dark green Kasabian top to match!) In addition, I have no idea how to get more out of the pencil (I can’t sharpen it due to the plastic surrounding the lead, and when I twist the barrel nothing comes out – I would be grateful if anyone can help me with this?)

O4. Dermalogica Age Smart Multi Vitamin Thermafoliant & O5. Dermalogica Age Smart Multi Vitamin Power Recover Masque – I’m not too sure why I was sent ‘Age Smart’ products – maybe Glossybox was trying to tell me something? But when I saw that nearly every blogger received these items, I sighed with relief! I have always wanted to get my hands on some Dermalogica products, as they have such high-rated reviews. However, most of their goods are too pricey for a budget student like me!  I will test this product and the Recover Masque in a separate beauty post, to compare them with other similar products. So stay tuned for that!

Dermalogica’s Age Smart Lip Complex.

O6. Dermalogica Age Smart Renewed Lip Complex (with beauty bag) – And finally, the last product – or should I say products – that I received was the Renewed Lip Complex and the cute beauty bag. This beauty bag will be perfect to fit all my little beauty essentials for uni and travelling! So I was impressed with that! I was also pleased with the Lip Complex – despite the smell, it glided onto my lips perfectly and made them so smooth! I have only used it once today (you’re supposed to apply it twice a day), and my lips are still smooth and soft! I suffer from really bad chapped lips in winter, so this product is the perfect remedy for them!

Overall, I feel that even though this was my first ‘Glossybox’, some of the products were good, and some of them were not for me. I loved the Lip Complex, beauty bag and nail varnish colour, however the colour of the eyeliner and the perfumes weren’t really my cup of tea, and even though I still have two products to review, I give the box a satisfactory ‘three hearts’.


So that’s it for my review of October’s Glossybox! What do you think about the products Glossybox offered? Would you subscribe to them?

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