You may have read the very first ‘It’s Personal’ post a month ago and remember a few of the beauty products I bought. Well, after a month of testing some of them out, here is the first beauty review, which is on Simple’s eye roll-on pen.

I know many bloggers post beauty reviews, and most of them are the same, but I hope to try something a bit different with my reviews. Obviously this is the first one which will be a bog-standard same-old blogger beauty review. However, I hope to test a few products out and give my verdict on the best one for curious minds to sample or purchase, rather than just reviewing one product. My views will be entirely my own (I bought these products out of my own hard earned cash to sample myself), so there will be no biased ‘oh this is amazing you must buy it’ reviews.

This is basically a journey of me trying to find the best beauty products out there for people like me who are not make-up experts, or wear a lot of make-up/don’t know how to wear it.  So I hope you will join me in this journey and help me discover more about the world of beauty!

What is it?

Simple’s Kind to Eyes Revitalising Roll-On is a product from the well-known skincare brand, Simple. The roll on contains an eye gel which is formulated with cucumber extract and ‘vitamin goodness’ to ‘reduce puffiness, and to wake up and revitalise tired eyes.’ There is a famous theory which is if you place cucumber slices on your eyes, it will reduce puffiness and ‘wake them up’. Hence the use of the cucumber extracts in this product. The roll-on also acts as a ‘cooler’ and gently massages the skin underneath your eyes. Not only that but this beauty pen caters for sensitive skin as well.

Why did you buy it?
Ever since I came back to uni I have been so busy with work, uni and working on The Live Scene, I have been looking like a Dawn of the Dead extra. So I thought it was time to try out an eye roll-on, to brighten my eyes up a bit and hopefully to fade away those bags growing underneath my eyes!

How do you use it?

The instructions on the pack states: “Apply the revitalising eye roll-on to the eye area in light circular movements. If required smooth in any remaining liquid with your fingertips. Avoid contact with eyes.” I followed the instructions and used this product first thing when I woke up on a morning (after moisturising), and when I went to bed at night.

How long did you test it for?
I know that ‘revitalising’ your eyes is not a quick 24 hour/seven day a week process. Therefore I thought I might as well try and see if there is a long-term, as well as a short-term effect from using this Simple product. So I decided to test this roll-on for a month, and below is my verdict.

This roll-on did ‘wake up’ my eyes when I applied it, which made me feel more ‘awake’ and ‘fresh’ for the day’s events. It also fairly reduced the puffiness in my eyes in the short-term. The 15ml product has lasted me a month so far, and there is still quite a lot left in it, which is good for sustainability.  However, in the long-term, the bags are still fairly visible underneath my eyes – a factor to take into consideration is that it may be due to the late nights I have had these past two weeks. But I would recommend it for you guys, as the liquid does make you feel more awake, and the roll-on lasts ages too!

Rating out of five hearts:

Have you used Simple’s eye roll-on before? What are your thoughts about it?

Btw – The Live Scene has now got a domain! is it’s new home! Yay! Thanks to the perfect guy, Ali.

[Image used in the featured image graphic sourced from here]

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