Here is quick post about some of the things I got up to yesterday. Enjoy!

Yesterday was the Great Student Lock In – an event where thousands of students come together to get freebies and exclusive discount in stores.  Unfortunately for me, I missed out as I was working at one of the stores at the Lock In; Republic. All of the staff had to wear plain black, this is what I wore:

Tunic – Topshop

High-waisted denim shorts (peeking underneath the tunic) – Primark

Tights – Henry Holland

‘Love’ ring – River Island

‘Armour’ ring – Primark

Republic was absolutely rammed (it’s such a tiny store), but we managed, and even got the sale stock out in preparation for today’s sale!

Also, yesterday I signed up for a Topshop card – although to be honest, I just signed up for the £15 worth of free Topshop makeup! I put £1 on the card, which I can easily pay off, but I think I won’t use the card (as I’d rather pay for things in cash or by debit card), I don’t want to be any more debt-riddled than I need to be!

Here is what I received, including a shopper bag I got from Republic:


– Face wipes, Nail varnish remover, eye liner, some nail polish and a shopper bag.

In other news, it was mine and Ali’s six month anniversary yesterday. Due to the fact we were both busy; we had a very low-key takeaway and just went to bed! How very romantic!

Ali was very kind to get me some beautiful flowers, a Lindt chocolate teddy bear and some Milk Tray chocolates!


That’s all for today as work have called me in, fun times! There will be a fashion-focused feature this week, I promise!

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