This is just a quick post to show you the business cards that I made!

Today has been very busy so far, I’ve had a not-so-quite 500 word paper to do on International Journalism (the word count is very much over that), written up lecture notes, registered at the doctor’s surgery and finally, tonight I am off to the Frequency Radio Launch!

In the spare time I have had to myself, I decided to make some business cards to promote The Live Scene, and of course me! I didn’t know what sort of layout I wanted, so I just created the card and I think that it’s rather cool if I do say so myself!

I am hoping to hand out these babies at fashion networking events, as well as other fashion-related dos!

Also, I have asked my boyfriend Ali to buy me a domain for The Live Scene as an early birthday present. It’s kind of rude to ask so early but the domain is relatively cheap so he can’t complain on the money front!

Tell me what you think of my business cards, I would be very grateful if you commented. Do you like them or do you hate them?

That’s all for now! I know it’s a quick short post but I haven’t posted a sort of personal one in a while so here you go! Tomorrow is going to be a manically busy day (lectures, seminars and working the Great Student Lock In) so the next post will be on Wednesday, and trust me, it will be a fashion-focused feature!

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    • Thanks! :) I made them using a graphics programme, and taking the cheap way out, I bought some card, printed them off and stuck them on the card.
      Not very professional I know haha!

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