Yesterday I went to Judy’s Vintage Fair at the Corn Exchange in Leeds city centre. I was amazed by how many stalls there were as well as the range of goodies that were on offer!
Here is a little feature on what I bought!

Outfit [After my new Haircut]
Coat – Primark
Vest – River Island
Leather Shorts – Vintage
Socks – Dad’s
Possible Cankles – Model’s own
Boots – Vintage
Haircut– by VIPZ Hair Salon

The Vintage Fair
As soon as I strolled into the Corn Exchange, I was mesmerized by the amount of people gunning for a vintage bargain! Naturally, my strategy was to have a look around the stalls in a clock-wise direction – a wise move as I probably would have missed something if I just drifted back and forth aimlessly!

It was this move which lead me to buy this charming ‘clock-work’ necklace from quirky stall, Sour Cherry. At £5, this hand-made necklace was not only considerably cheap if you compare it to say, the stalls of Camden Market, but you can tell the owner Kayleigh, who is based in Sheffield, has put in a lot of effort in making these mouth-watering pieces. I loved everything her stall had to offer, but with a budget of £30 to spend, I had to pluck myself away and venture forward to see what was in store for me next!

Here are some of my favourite pieces from the Sour Cherry website, where most of the jewellery & accessories are priced between £4 and £6:

The ‘Geek’ necklace is my favourite!

The next stand to catch my eye was the lovely Fiona Bee’s. Fiona, who has sourced most of the items that were on sale at the vintage fair, sold me this amazing 1950s American camera bag, with a surprise camera inside! Originally, I wanted the camera bag to store my Samsung 10x WB500 in, but when I opened the bag, there laid a 1950s Kodak Autosnap Camera! I instantly snapped it up (geddit?)  for £12 and felt quite proud of myself for only spending £17 so far!
Fiona currently doesn’t have a website, however if you wish to contact her to find out which vintage fairs she will be at next, click here.

After perusing many stalls and talking to a few of the traders, I finally reached the last stall, Lace & Liquor Vintage, and made my final purchase which were these yummy shiny brown ‘granny shoes’. They were originally £20, but after a little bit of ‘haggling’, I bought them for £15 – which did exceed my budget, but I could sacrifice a Greggs’ steak bake for some shoes right?
I have always wanted some in the traditional black colour, so in a bid to be a little bit different I had to buy these babies! I tried the website link on the card I was given, but sadly it wasn’t working. So after a little bit of investigating I came across the owner of Lace & Liquor Vintage, Catherine and her blog! It is definitely a must-read and I love the layout! I think you should check it out!

So there you go! A little account of what I bought at the Vintage Fair yesterday!
Some of the stuff on sale was overpriced; however I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend vintage fairs to you! Look out for the next vintage fair post in the coming months!

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