Today my hair got a much needed cut – nothing too drastic just a little snip there and a little snip here – oh and I have a fringe!

New Hair
I don’t know if I really like it yet, maybe it’s because my hair is straight for a change instead of being its usual wavy self?


Plus the hairdresser kept pointing out obvious mistakes she was making which was making me a tad uncomfortable, such as: “I know you’re fringe is wonky, don’t worry I’ll get round to it” and “I know I haven’t rounded you’re fringe off properly but don’t worry I’ll do it later.” Not exactly reassuring is it?

It’s weird how we don’t say anything to hairdressers, especially when they make your hair look worse than what it originally looked like before you came into the salon.  And if you’re polite and shy like me, when the hairdresser says: “Do you like your haircut so far?” and your fringe is wonky and you’re hair is matted full of products, you daren’t say: “No it looks terrible. I didn’t know they were taking on ANYONE to be hairdressers these days!”  Instead you utter the words: “Erm, yeah” quietly, hoping they realise the mistakes they are making before you cough up thirty of your precious pounds to pay for your currently ‘disastrous’ haircut.

Horrid Hairstyles
Anyway, hair cut malarkey aside; I thought i might share some of my previous hairstyles so you can all have a good laugh at! (Warning: prepare for some horrible hairstyles and pictures people!)


 So there have it, a little peak at my hairstyles through the ages (not many I know, but I hate too much change, hence my awful face expression on the bob photo!) What do you think of my straightened hair? Or do you prefer it curly?

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