Makeovers, photo shoots, an enchanted garden – oh and a free bottle of Jacques cider?
This sounds like girly heaven, and indeed it was…

Jacques Townhouse, an event which was an enormous success last year, returned this summer to offer the people of London and Liverpool a chance to experience a ‘soiree of glamour’.

The keys to the Townhouse.

The Townhouse hosts – a melodramatic butler and a blonde bombshell Anna Wintour look-a-like – who were on hand to offer you lovely little chocolate donuts and a glass of Jacques cider to start your night off with a bang!

Guests were also given a delicate brass key to roam around the beautifully decorated Townhouse with, and to look for ‘special’ rooms with delicious delights waiting to be devoured.

From free treatments in the beauty parlour to a fashion studio where you can dress up and be photographed to trend talks by fashion and beauty experts, girly stylistas were spoiled for choice on where to start!

The beauty parlour was the first stop for many guests who RSVP’d their free invite online. This pretty pink room offered free nail, lash, hair, make-up and even massage treatments to give guests the full-on pampering they needed.  The treatments were given by local beauty therapists, who took part in this glamorous event for work experience, which I’m sure will impress any hair and beauty salon!

The ‘customisation’ room, where guests could let their creative juices flow.

Next door to the beauty parlour was the fashion studio, where you could dress up in kooky outfits and wigs, and be professionally photographed.

Another stop for tourists of the Townhouse was the customising room, where visitors could make their own headbands or customise their own exclusive Jacques Townhouse shopper bag. This room proved popular with many fashionistas who had the chance to show off their creativity and style.

Finally, there was the enchanted garden, which was a whole world away from the streets of Liverpool and London! The garden was whimsically decorated with dainty umbrellas, old-school games and cute white furniture for guests to sit down and eat their pink popcorn whilst appreciating the scenery.

On leaving the Townhouse, fashionistas received a goody bag with a free large bottle of Jacques Cider Fruit des Bois or Orchard Fruits, to drink to their heart’s content when they got home.

I went to one of the events in Liverpool this week, and I was overall impressed with the eccentricity of this event! This is what I wore (excuse me posing with one of the umbrellas in the enchanted garden):

Umbrella: Jacques Townhouse
Black Cropped Jacket: River Island
Small Black Camera Necklace: Camden Market
Floral Jumpsuit: Republic
Tights: Primark
Brown Brogues: Primark

I would recommend this event to anyone who is interested in getting pampered, or to people who simply want to have fun and let their hair loose! I’m sure Jacques Townhouse was another success this summer, will be back next year, so make a note of it in your diary girls!

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