This is one feature I have been dying to write! I have loads of eccentric and amazingly written websites bookmarked on my computer. But these are the five that I read religiously every day without fail, and I thought I should share them all with you!

Of course, these are only a select few; I would have posted all of my bookmarks but I wouldn’t want you to scroll down the page forever! The blogs below aren’t in a specific order, nor are they numbered as they are each amazing in their own way.


I love, love, love this blog! The owner, Claire has just recently graduated from UCLAN, the same university that I go to! But not only does Claire post amazing outfits and finds, her articles are also very informative and interactional! She is one blogger that inspires me.

If you don’t already have Sitting Pretty on your bookmarks, or follow it on Bloglovin’, I suggest you do, as this is one blog I recommend you read!

BLAH Alice Mary Barnes

Alice’s blog is very different to other fashion–orientated blogs that I have come across, and I love it! Her posts are mainly about catwalk fashions, her inspiration and the latest trends. Alice recently graduated from Northumbria University with an envious first in Fashion Communication.

I always make sure I visit Alice Mary Barnes when I need to catch up with the fashion crowd! Follow her blog here.


As a northerner, this blog is like my online street style bible! Due to the blogger, Lauren, moving south to work in PR, the blog has transitioned smoothly from street style to personal style – and who wouldn’t want to read about Lauren’s personal style?

Fashion Looks North is always a very entertaining read, and I suggest you follow Lauren’s blog via Bloglovin’, if you haven’t already.



Gem has come a long way since she started her blog in 2007! Not only is Gem an inspiration (she has achieved so much through her blog such as curating her own shop for Motel Rocks), but her posts are well written and are subject varied, which is always refreshing.

You can follow Gem Fatale’s Style Blog here.


aliLast but not least is this amazing sports blog by a fellow UCLAN journalism student; Ali Stafford. I know, I know, you probably weren’t expecting a sports blog, but Ali is a very exceptional writer and even if you aren’t that interested in sports (like me), you will always find his features an interesting read.

I suggest you check out his blog and follow him on twitter: @AliStafford2.


So there you go five blogs of many that I love. I suggest you check them all out and give them a read. I also have some exciting news which I thought I should mention in this blog post!

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